Karolina Laskowska Miyako Eye Mask Review


I have watched the Karolina Laskowska brand eagerly for several years as I admire both the designs created and the luxurious fabrics used. However, I will quite readily admit that her lingerie is usually out of my budget (which is completely O.K!) and the recently suffering Canadian dollar has only made that more so (seriously, the conversion rate fucking hurts right now!). When Karolina Laskowska started using kimono silks, I nearly slipped and fell in my own drool! šŸ™‚ Thus, I really cannot convey how excited I am to have purchased the last Miyako Eye Mask in a recent sale. I paid Ā£25, which roughly translates to $50 CAN, before shipping costs.


The Miyako mask is made of two layers of recycled kimono silk creating a completely opaque experience. This was a delightful surprise as I expected only one layer of silk! The back and front of the mask feature complementary patterns that are not mere replicas of each other. Such a small accessory as a mask may not make the best display piece for exquisite kimono silk, but the Miyako mask utilizes its space to the fullest.

The mask’s elastic is covered in a silk sleeve of complementary shades of blue. This makes me SO HAPPY as uncovered elastics are a real hair killer. >.< I assume that the silk material around the elastic was taken from the same kimono as the main mask fabric as the colour matching is uncanny. Personally,Ā  I think covered elastics should be a basic feature on any mask; yet, this feature is not as common as one might hope.

While the fabric is beautiful and the little details that go into this mask are exquisite (like the black trim and ribbons), this mask sets itself truly apart with its shape. Like the human face, this mask is curved instead of lay flat. It may sound trivial, but the curvature of the Miyako mask truly sets Karolina Laskowska’s eye masks above all others. Put on the mask. Feel the difference. You will be keenly aware that your eyes are free to open. Your eyelashes can bat without grazing fabric. Your nose is free of pressure. The upper portion of the sleep mask follows the curve of your forehead without exerting any pressure on it or on your eyes. Indeed, the elastic exerts very minor pressure (just enough to keep the mask on) as it does not need to bend the mask to fit your face. The Karolina Laskowska Miyako Eye Mask has a superior fit to every other eye mask I have ever worn! šŸ˜€

I only have one tiny little quibble with the mask – and it is small (trust me). The black piping around the eye masks ends rather abruptly on the one side where it overlaps the other and the end of that piping is left rather raw. For perfection, I would have liked to see this seam end under the bow so the bow could hide the exposed end of the piping. As I said before, this is such a minor quibble and such a tiny imperfection on a sale mask is certainly not a big deal in my books.

Overall, I ADORE this mask and it is my favourite of all my masks. It is a pleasure to sleep with the Miyako eye mask at night. This sleep mask is both beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. [9/10]

P.S. This is my cat, Mr. Ghost, taking his turn at modelling duties.

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  1. Estelle says:

    Love the blue colour! My sister bought me a Karolina Laskowska eye mask last Christmas or my birthday before that, I don’t remember, and I love it. It’s the cheaper version, with a plain elastic strap, but the embroidered kimono silk on mine is just divine. I’ve rarely worn it because I don’t really wear eye masks, but when I redecorate I may well put it in a pretty frame on the wall :p


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