Curvy Kate Princess Bra & Short Review

CK2This summer I was quite fortunate to win a Curvy Kate Princess lingerie set from Bluestocking’s Boutique (all opinions are my own).  The set included the Princess Balcony Bra (36E) by Curvy Kate and the matching Princess Short (XL) in white. While I had previous experience with Curvy Kate underwear, this was my first experience with Curvy Kate bras so I ordered my regular size.

Aptly named, the white Princess set by Curvy Kate does make me feel like a princess as there is something innately girly and sweet about the combination of white mesh, dots, lace trim, and little white bows accenting the straps and gore. I have a legendary (among my friends) hate for floral lace but the floral-daisy trim on both the bra and the matching shorts is the best lace trim ever. 😀 It really adds to the femme nature of this set and has totally won me over. I think the underwear and the bra would be far less cute if Curvy Kate had used a different trim.

OMG the dots! *swoonage* I am a huge fan of polka dots and yet find the pattern so rarely featured on bras. Dots on sheer mesh had me gleeful in anticipation. Alas, bra = fit disaster. 😦 While the balconette bra has a three-part cup construction I am rather familiar with (like the Claudette Dessous), it is designed for someone with a more equal balance of breast tissue between the upper and lower breast. Given that I am quite side/bottom heavy, I fail to fill out the top portion of the cup. A bit of gaping or wrinkling at the top is fairly common on my bras but this gape is substantial enough that I will not be keeping the bra.

Now, you may ask why I do not just size down in the cup to a 36DD, and I did consider that myself. However, the bottom half of the cup in the 36E fits so well and has a great amount of projection for my breast. If I were to size down, then I would better fill out the upper cup but my bottom breast tissue would get squished. This is not a size issue – this is a style issue. Remember my lovely peeps – not all styles will work for your breasts! I do wish this style worked better for me as I feel really pretty in the bra. ❤

Funny enough, I thought the underwear, not the bra, would be the failure due to the cut. 😀 The Princess Short has a lower rise than I like and a lower leg-rise than I like and yet… I like! ❤ They are a perfect complement to the bra, but I am keeping the Princess shorts all for my little own self as they are charming and cute and fucking comfy! Note: do not put much stock in the “modesty panel for coverage” as it does nothing to hide my little forest. I am not sure if this is the same in the black colourway, but there is nothing modest about the white pair ^_^ Sheer baby sheer!


A big thank you to Bluestockings Boutique for their wonderful giveaway. ❤ I want to talk a little extra about why I think Bluestockings Boutique is awesome and why I think you should shop there 😉 (not just because I won something from them – honest). I usually divorce clothing from the boutique or store they are purchased from as I review lingerie – not boutiques (unless customer service is excellent or horrible). However, Bluestocking’s has a wonderful ethos that I think adds to any purchase. Here are three reasons why I promote this boutique:

  1. The company caters to some of the most marginalized populations right now: the LGBTQIA+ populous. For those who are not familiar with that acronym, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, and ‘plus’ for any others who define themselves differently.
  2. Jeanna (owner) focuses on stocking ethically made lingerie – a rarity among boutiques.
  3. On the 18th of each month, the boutique donates 18% of its sales from that day to a charity like Planned Parenthood and such.

You mix representation, ethics, and charity together into a kick-ass boutique run by an awesome girl-boss. What is not to love?


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