Kiss Me Deadly Star Ruffle Bodysuit Review


I have a big ass… that is no secret. At a 47″ hip, most of that measurement is in my rear (with my thighs in the running as a strong second). Some people say that the name of the game is to hide the things you have in bulk and accent the things you have in short supply. If I played that game, then ruffles on my butt would never happen. But they are happening. And it is glorious.

The Star Ruffle Bodysuit by Kiss Me Deadly is one of those few things that has ever ranked at a 10/10, heart-stopping, OMG I MUST OWN THIS OR I WILL DIE level for me. There were zero questions in my mind about making the purchase – just the way purchases should be! Giddiness. Drooling. Screaming “ruffles” at the top of your lungs and not meaning the chips (also yummy, in sour cream & onion). Inside this woman is a little Gothic princess passed out in excitement. šŸ˜€


A plethora of silky satin ruffles adorn the rear of this bodysuit and stretch up to your waist. I can attest that they are soft to the touch as I frequently grab my own ass and let my fingers play among the ruffles. Somehow, Kiss Me Deadly has found the perfect mix between fluffy and comfy. I cannot even feel the ruffles when I sit on them, yet the second I stand up they are all ruffling at attention. *squee*

I measure 33″ waist and 47″ hip, currently. Therefore, I ordered this bodysuit is a size XL [33″ – 35″ waist] [43″ – 45″ hip] hoping I could get away with it. Success! The Star Ruffle Bodysuit not only fits my curves but she feels AMAZING on them. No tightness. No riding up my ass. No pulling fabric. Even when I am bloated (like today), the opaque body merely expands to accept my body as it is with no demands for less.

The opaque portion of the body rises up to just under the breasts. If you have a very curvy shape, then you may find that the opaque material tries to shimmy down over the day. A swift tug and all is back in place. I AM an hourglass figure – though I do not look it from the front. Thus, I am grateful for the two horizontal accents at the waist to emphasis my curves. The stitching on these two panels leaves a little to be desired, but the rest of the bodysuit looks incredibly well made with amazing attention to detail.

The sheer pleated upper is most generous and will fit any bust size you throw at it. In fact, at a 36E I feel somewhat dwarfed by the amount of material they put into this bodysuit. The two attached ties are designed to finish your neck off with a bow, but I prefer to let them hang loose or throw them back over my shoulders. My only complaint is with the construction of the sleeves on the bodysuit. The elastic used connects the sleeves down to the opaque portion of the bodysuit, thus creating a downwards pressure when lifting my arms. It feels like my bodysuit is secretly trying to pin my arms to my body.

In the end, it just matters how a piece of lingerie makes you feel. The Kiss Me Deadly Star Ruffle Bodysuit makes me feel beautiful and, I think, increases body acceptance. We all struggle with accepting various parts of our body and my ass has always been one for me. I cannot tell you how delighted I am with my butt when I wear this bodysuit. Inside me there are little ‘bubbles of squee‘ and a bubble bursts open each time I wear this bodysuit. ā¤ I fucking love it! [10/10]

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  1. pikkonoloidlee says:

    This bodysuit is so so lovely. Omg. I think I need 10, lol.

    And I totally agree, sometimes it takes putting on something beautiful that accentuates instead of downplaying an asset to really bring on the feelings of body acceptance.


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