Sarafina Dreams Full Swing Nightgown Review


This week I am back with a review of the lovely Full Swing Nightgown (white) from Sarafina Dreams on Etsy. This nightgown is for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a Greek goddess (akin to the marble statues in the Louvre) and waltzed around in white sheets as a child.

The swing nightgown is made of soft, lightweight nylon that sweeps gracefully over your entire body. It practically feels like you are wearing nothing as the material is so soft on the skin. Given the delicate nature of this material, it is prone to catching on anything: especially nails. I have found that the catches are surprisingly resilient in that you can rub at them a bit and often the nylon sorts itself out.

Lace cap sleeves provide a pop of texture on an otherwise simple gown. The neckline is generously wide and it allows for a variety of different styles: one shoulder off, both shoulders on, deep dip in the back, deep dip in the front, and both shoulders off. I like to use a sash (not included) for additional styling options as well.

While the images on Sarafina Dreams’ Etsy shop show a lace trim along the bottom border, the nightgown I received did not have this: rather the bottom material is simply folded over and stitched in a clean edge. Unfortunately, I noticed this omission a few months after my purchase and, therefore, have not bothered customer service about it.

Sizing is tailored to your bust and your height. Yet, an actual size (like S | M | L) is not necessary as the 244″ full body of this swing nightgown will complement your body despite the number on your jeans. There is not a question of whether this fits me – such a rarity – as this gown is designed to fit everyone. I could probably fit at least another few lovelies into this nightgown with me as the full swing body is so generous! That being said, the length is exactly as I requested and dances just at the top of my feet.

Included with my purchase was a beautiful storage bag that is both practical and pretty in its own right. The saying “May This Wonderful Day Bring Joy & Love Into your Heart – Sarafina Dreams” is stamped on the white bag. I am usually not one for names of stores on my items (I boycott logos for the most part), but this bag is just perfect and the text is totally endearing.

Decadence is what I think of when I wear this gown. Being surrounded by volumes of soft fabric that swishes and dances when I walk is just – decadent. Dreamy. I do wish that my gown came with the bottom trim, but lessons learned (about inspecting garments) and all that. Sarafina Dreams now offers this gown in a few different colour options (white | black | gray | Tiffany blue) and I would not hesitate to buy one of her gowns again – this time in black to satisfy my little goth heart. ❤


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