I Just Spent My Rent on Lingerie: Budgeting for the Woefully Addicted – Part 1


As summer turns into a crisp fall, I take a look back at the amount of lingerie I have purchased in the last few months… and I cringe. Drawers are overflowing, my credit card is unhappy and – worst of all – I’m not sure that I have worn half of it more than twice. It is time to get back to a lingerie budget.

I have ten (10) different strategies for saving money, reducing your collection, and still buying those beautiful pieces that you would die without. These strategies can be broken into two overarching methods: assessing and limiting. Part 1 of this article will focus on five (5) methods for assessing. Next week, Part 2 will focus on five (5) methods for limiting. Let us get on with this list!

1) Scale of 1 – 10

On a scale of one to ten you rank each piece of lingerie you consider buying. You make a cut-off point – for me that is 8 – that anything that ranks below that number will not be purchased. You then consider your current head filled full of lingerie – that you have and lingerie that you want – and rate this piece against the others. If it falls under that chosen number, you simply appreciate but do not buy.

If you have a partner whose input you value, then let them rank each piece too. If the piece does not rank on average (between the both of you) a certain number then it does not pass. For example: If I give something an 8 and my partner gives it a 6, then the piece averages a 7 and it is below my cut-off number.

 2) Ask 7 Questions

I love this method for buying lingerie as it really helps you narrow down WHY you want what you do. Ask the following 7 questions before purchasing any new piece:

  1. Do I NEED this item?
  2. How high does this item rank (see above)?
  3. Will I use this item frequently?
  4. Do I already own something like this?
  5. Do I own something that would look/function better than this?
  6. Would I prefer something else if it was the same price?
  7. Will I regret not buying this?

Then, you need to assess your responses. If you find only a few positives, then you may wish to consider giving the piece a pass. This is also a good way to remind yourself of what you already own that may be similar to what you are planning to buy.

3) Wishlist & Wait

My mother asked me once “but will you still want that in two weeks?” and it may be the wisest words she ever said to me. I get OBSESSED over certain pieces of lingerie to the point that I think my wardrobe will go ‘poof’ into smoke without that piece. With Wishlist & Wait, you stick EVERYTHING you want into a wishlist (Amazon Wishlist works so well). You need to wait at least two weeks between something hitting your wishlist and you buying it. Weed your wishlist out regularly of things that aren’t inspiring anymore or that you forgot were on there. If you forgot it was on your wish list then there is a good chance you will forget that you own it.

4) Needs vs. Wants

There are some things we need in our wardrobe and some things we want. If you own 40 bras then another bra is most certainly not a need. However, if you have a garter belt without stockings then you certainly need to pick up some stockings! Also, all 40 of those bras may be brightly-coloured slings of bliss, but that won’t help you wear a white dress shirt for a work interview in a more conservative environment. A basic neutral colour bra might be a need whereas another mango-hued strappy vision of youthful cheer is not. Sort your lingerie. Establish what you have and what you are missing. Make a list and commit yourself to filling in the gapes in your wardrobe before buying more ‘wants’.

5) Holistic View (best done with a bottle of wine)

I also think this method might best be called ‘reality check’. How many pieces of lingerie do you own? How much have you spent on lingerie in the last year? The point is to not just ask these questions but answer them. Add up every single pair of underwear you own, every single pair of stockings, every bra, slip, pyjama, robe, bodysuit, etc. that you currently possess. Keep a list of the total in each individual category (20 bras | 40 panties | 3 robes) and then add all of the categories together for a grand total. You may need a glass of something strong to quiet your nerves.

Likewise, dig out your credit card and bank statements for the last year (fiscal year if you like). Add up every single penny spent on lingerie. You may need a bit more bubbly to make this total go down easier. Then, keep all this information. Every time you go to purchase a new piece, have a glance at what you already have and what you have already spent. if you end up making a purchase, then add it to the tally.

These five methods are a great way to get acquainted with your own spending habits and your current wardrobe. They are also an excellent method for assessing whether the next item you want to purchase really needs to be added to the collection or not. ❤ I would love to hear some feedback on these methods (so drop me a line below)! Stay tuned for next week’s Part 2 where we get down and dirty with actually limiting our lingerie intake.

FYI: The bra in the picture above is trying to find a new home via eBay, can you help?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lia says:

    These are great methods! I’ll have to try out #1 and see how that goes. The seven questions nicely condense the “weighing of scales” that is behind each purchase.

    Sometimes I cannot get an item out of my mind. I keep thinking and thinking about it, almost reaching for my card at points. When that happens, I embrace it. I pull it up on my phone and computer and leave it there so that I must see it multiple times a day. And then, I get sick of it! The repeated exposure takes away the shininess and it feels almost as if I’ve owned the item for some time and can judge it clearly. I see the things that I would regret had I bought it. Only one bra has passed this trial by overindulgence and I’m still very pleased with it; the rest would have been regrettable purchases.

    I’m a big fan of your blog and I look forward to your next post on limiting intake!


    1. Avigayil says:

      I love that idea and thank you so much for your kind words! I am super obsessed with a pair of underwear right now and will do that too 🙂


  2. Trish says:

    I love 1-4 and I have been trying similar things, just not as organized as you. Number 5 makes me cringe just to read it, I don’t think I can handle that one! Looking forward to part 2


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks! Number 5 is a real ‘eye opener’. When you reach the “OMG I could have paid for an all-inclusive vacation with that’ level… that is when the wine comes in handy 😉


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