LMcK1 Lasso Harness Review


I have been drooling over LMcK1‘s leather harness designs since I first set eyes upon the shop. While usually out of my budget, I had the good fortune of purchasing the Lasso Harness during a recent sale.

The smell of fresh bridle leather is divine. ❤ I have long had a love-love relationship with horses, yet my personal circumstance has always denied me the pleasure of caring for one. The second I opening up my parcel, the smell of this harness brought back vivid memories of five-year-old me stepping into the tackle room and inhaling deeply. Oh pure joy!

For me, harnesses are a combination of binding and freeing. While my body is bound within the leather, I feel free to further express myself because I am secure.  Not secure as in boundaries but security as in the freedom to run without falling. The Lasso harness’s leather provides a weight and strength that create my security: a sensation that elastic harnesses have never equalled for me.

The bridle leather is thick and stiff and I know that it is the relationship between this leather and my own body that will create the ‘perfect harness’. In time, my body and the heat within my body will soften and gently mould the harness. Even having only had the harness for a few weeks, I can see the leather softening in places of higher stress like the front pin on the waistband. I would usually be concerned about the amount of stress placed upon the leather surrounding this solitary pin, yet the leather is so thick that I cannot entertain the idea of it ever tearing. The brass fittings are equally durable and a beautiful, classic accent to the black leather harness. Again, I dream of horses.

At a 33″ waist, I fall right in between a medium and a large; therefore I sent my own measurements to the owner. She sent me a harness that is firm on the tightest hole and feels really good on the second-tightest hole. I always like to plan ahead and, frankly, I see this harness being with me the rest of my life. I have room to gain weight (the third hole) and I could always have the harness taken in by a leather-smith should I lose a bunch of weight. However, right now the harness is ‘just right‘ to quote a golden-haired girl who breaks into other people’s houses. 😉 The neck portion can also be adjusted so that the harness sits lower or higher on your body. I find that I actually like the harness a bit loose.

I 100% recommend the body harnesses from LMcK1. The leather and fittings are durable and made of the highest quality materials. The designs are fantastic and unisex – so both boys and girls and everyone in between can enjoy her work. If you buy leather, then I recommend Louise McKay’s harnesses. 10/10

*Bodysuit by Lascivious

**The Etsy shop is on vacation (where I purchased) but she has an online shop as well.

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