Sugar Lace Lingerie Babydoll, Panty, & Sleep Mask Set Review

SugarLace 002a

Birthdays are a time to celebrate your coming into being and your continued existence upon this planet. For me, birthdays are a day of ecstatic celebration, reflection, and indulgence. This year my feminine side was begging to indulge in a bounty of ribbons, ruffles, and pastel. Indubitably, I purchased the Sugar Lace Lingerie Babydoll, Panty, & Sleep Mask Set in lilac (Size XL) complete with little roses and marabou puffs!

*squee* Indulgence! Indulgence I say! From the buttery sheer nylon chiffon to the scalloped elastics underlying the chiffon, this babydoll has been thoughtfully constructed for comfort and feminine beauty. I have never experienced softer chiffon even amongst the silk-based chiffon that I own. The Sugar lace babydoll and matching pantie are weightless with a soft caress that whispers sweet-nothings to sensitive skin. Scalloped elastic is used to great effect in highlighting the breasts and providing ample room for a variety of chest sizes. Underneath my breasts, the elastic serves to keep my breast tissue from resting directly on my skin: a delightful feature for hot summer days.

While the panties are a bit low-rise for my taste, they fit my hips with room to spare. If you have any concerns as to fit, simply give your measurements to the owner (as I did) for a custom fit. In retrospect, I should have requested higher-rise underwear but my failure to do so falls squarely on my shoulders. Like the babydoll, the knickers are sheer as can be so your lovely bits can enjoy the same sumptuous soft chiffon. Scalloped elastic is used both at the leg openings and at the waist but – like the babydoll – the elastic is generous and you will barely notice its existence. The underwear does have a sweet little white cotton gusset sewn in.

Of course, this set comes with a matching eye mask, which uses the same elastic (matching!) for the band as the babydoll and the underwear use. Oddly enough, my eye mask has a mind of its own. Shortly after receiving my set, the fabric used for the main eye mask started to change colour in stripes (see pictures below). Uh huh… I know I sound a little loony. In the two months since acquiring this set, the fabric has turned from a lighter purple to a darker purple with but one stripe of light purple remaining. I mentioned this to the owner as sort of a curiosity of sorts and she generously offered to send me a replacement. Given that the eye mask is still fully functional, and still matches my set, I could not bring myself to accept.

The embellishments won my heart and stole my credit card. The babydoll comes adorned with three purple bows and a set of marabou puffs that left my cat in a fit of jealousy. The pantie and the eye mask are finished with bows and delicate little purple roses. These roses are optional but a beautiful addition to the set. I only wish that the three bows on the babydoll would have come adorned with the roses as well. This may be my only criticism.

I adore this set so much: it is as if I am surrounded by unicorns and rainbows and lollipops every time I wear it. My Sugar Lace Lingerie set is the perfect pick-me-up on a bad day when the world is so full of clouds and every cloud is raining on me. This set becomes a little ray of sunshine that whispers inaudible notes of care and support when the last thing in the world I love is my own body.

A special thank you to MarionetteMew for introducing me to this little Etsy company while they were having a sale. I seriously want one in every colour (especially that peach!). There should also be an ultra-ruffle edition: just saying!

Song of the Day: My Mamma Said ~ by ~ Aqua

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  1. pikkonoloidlee says:

    I’m really glad I found your blog. We have a lot of similar measurements for the most part and I really enjoy reading your reviews.


    1. Avigayil says:

      I am so glad you like it! Thank you 🙂


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