What Katie Did Cabaret Velvet Sophia Corset Review

sophia2 001a

I love corsets but I neglect to wear them during the summer months due to the heat making me want to strip nude and run through sprinklers at all hours of the day. However, I felt it about time to review one of my wardrobe staples.

The Cabaret Velvet Sophia Corset from What Katie Did marries luxurious fabrics with a simple sweetheart silhouette. Given that my beauty is made out of black velvet, I feel like a Gothic queen ruling over her little Goth subjects. The fabric is soft and supple to the touch; inviting hands to run over the bodice and luxuriate in the velvet. The modesty panel is made of the same fabric and is of a generous size allowing for a little loosening without flashing back skin. Alternatively, you can fold the back panel in and glory in the criss-cross of the dark laces against your paler skin. As I am quite the pale person, the contrast is striking.

As with all of What Katie Did’s corsets, this one is steel-boned providing excellent support and a moderate waist reduction depending on your proportions. I will admit that I have gained weight since I purchased this corset in a 28″, thus the corset does not lace as tightly as it used to. However, the modesty panel still covers my back and all bones are in their proper place guiding my body into submission. Unfortunately, I cannot achieve my usual waist reduction with this corset as my natural silhouette is curvier than the corset itself. Yet, the Sophia corset still smooths my body into a lovely hourglass shape that is pleasing and comfortable.

The Cabaret Sophia corset only fails me in one respect: the proper support and sheltering of my breasts. This velvet corset is designed for A to E cups and, as an E cup, I fall at the higher end of this scale. Inside the corset, independent of whether lacing tightly or loosely, my side-heavy breasts fold-over on themselves as the breast tissue overflows the cups (for these photos, I have laced the top part loosely to prevent massive boob overflow). I am of the opinion that it is both a cup placement and a cup depth issue. The cup placement pushes my breasts up and to the outside. As they are already out-side heavy, that causes the tissue to fold over. Regarding cup depth, there is simply not enough room for my breasts; therefore they are squished into fleshy mounds escaping their heart-shaped prison.

Despite the cleavage issues, this corset has been a staple in my wardrobe for a while now. I wore it for my graduation and thus suffered through several hours of overheating, standing, sitting, and walking in this beauty. It held up admirably and so did I. For a composite rating, I would consider this corset a 7/10 and recommend it anyone who wears under an E cup – just to be on the safe side.

P.S. Velvet is stupidly hard to photograph.

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