Cottonbags Lingerie Bags Review

bags 004a

If you are looking for affordable lingerie bags then you have found the right review. I recently purchased Cottonbags 10 White Cotton Bags with Yellow Drawstring (10″ x 12″) for $14 USD plus a mere $3 USD for shipping to Canada. That means, each bag comes in around $1.70 USD.


The cotton is nice and thick with a tight enough weave that the bags are opaque. The cotton fabric is smooth with a slight stiffness that helps keep the bag’s shape. The material feels durable, which makes me very happy as I want to keep these for years to come. A simple vibrant yellow ribbon drawstring adorns each bag. The ribbon is of fair quality: it is soft to the touch compared to many ribbons that feel crisp. I am not a fan of crisp ribbons so this one is quite nice.


Bag construction is simple and sufficient. The fabric is folded inwards at the seams and stitched. A pocket for the drawstring is included and the edges of the drawstring tube, where the ribbon emerges, are left raw. Other than that, outside edges are finished.

Design & Fit

These bags may be simple but they are perfect for lingerie of all shapes and sizes. I was really looking for a simple, affordable bag that could handle bras, bodysuits, lingerie sets, and more. This bag is substantial enough to hold any of my bodysuits (except one), and the top cinches down to keep everything contained. As the bag is soft with no rough edges, I am confident that my lingerie will go unharmed in my drawers. The drawstring keeps the bag closed and I like to tie the ribbon into a bow. I do find the bags too substantial for single (unpadded) bras or precious underwear, thus I will be ordered a smaller set of bags in the future.

In the end…

Woohoo! Pretty little white bags all in a row with little yellow ribbons tied in a bow! The price + quality + design are the perfect combo for my needs. I am extremely pleased with these bags and just need to decide which of my pieces get spoiled with a lingerie bag of their own! I have always thought lingerie should be sold with storage bags (especially luxury lingerie) but I am currently favouring the idea of having all my lingerie bags matching instead. I give these bags a 10/10 and will certainly be buying more. I will be looking into a custom order for some corset bags as I really need to store my beauties better. In all seriousness, I think these bags are under-priced! O.o

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