Black Milk Baby Giraffe Catsuit Review

BMgiraffe 002a

A couple months ago I splurged on the most unlikely of items: a catsuit. While I usually hate animal prints with a passion, I have a soft spot for giraffes as I had the opportunity to feed them by hand in New Zealand a few years ago. The Black Milk Baby Giraffe Catsuit went limited, thus I purchased it for $99AUD in a size large: that is my standard Black Milk size.

Fabric & Construction

This fabric is pretty close to Black Milk’s standard leggings. It stretches forty-ways from nowhere to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. Soft to the touch both inside and out, this catsuit is bound to be a chilling out favourite. The catsuit is constructed out of one piece of fabric with seams along the underside of the arm, inside of the leg, and up the back. I wish that they would fabric match across the back seam as it is the most obvious. I think this would elevate the catsuit to another level of quality.

The seams are strong but they stretch to where you can feel this rough ridge up the backside of the catsuit. This is especially prevalent where there is any stress on the seams – such as at the ass. I take a size large because it accommodates up to 46″ hips – my measurement. Yet, I always have trouble with the ass seams on my tights.

Despite the fabric being soft, there is a distinct grain that can be texturally irritating if rubbed the wrong way. When I walk in the catsuit and my left leg comes forward, the fabric behind the seam is rubbed against the grain. It is not only somewhat annoying but it leaves me concerned for the longevity of the Black Milk catsuit.


The baby giraffe catsuit with long sleeves is adorable. The pattern can be overwhelming, but Black Milk has varied the size of the spots. Smaller spots are over the tummy / waist region while larger spots adorn the thigh region. I think this helps emphasize the smaller regions of your body. There is no crotch access, thus bathroom trips require you strip down by going out the neck. As I mentioned, this suit is super stretchy so putting it on and taking it off through the neck opening is quite simple.


Black milk attempts to cover a wide range of shapes, sizes, and heights in their clothing. For us short girls, that often means that the standard Black Milk leggings are too long and require bunching up or folding over. The same is true for the long-sleeve catsuit: the legs are too long and the sleeves are too long and the torso is quite generous and could easily fit several more inches. The result: I can pull the legs down with just my toes peeking out. The sleeves naturally bunch up at my wrists. When I sit, a few minor folds of fabric gather around my waist; however, these are not evident when I am standing at all.

Yet! I have a very curvy figure and this catsuit hugs every single curve. My thick thighs fit, my generous calves fit, my big ass fits, and my “full bust” bust fits. My waist is well defined as the fabric clings instead of draping. Girls, if you are going to wear a catsuit you better accept your body because this Black Milk catsuit it HIDES NOTHING. The catsuit highlights your entire figure: the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t.

In the end…

I really enjoy this catsuit and it is the perfect lounge piece for around the house. The length issue does not bother me but that abrasive feeling when my thighs rub together does. I would love to buy another Black Milk catsuit but that feeling of my legs rubbing against the grain is off-putting. Lastly, a little note to my lovely readers: I don’t care what weight or height you are: you can wear a catsuit!! 6/10


Song of the Day: Take Me to Church ~ by ~ Hozier

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    Hello ! If no longer in use, can I purchase ? Or do you know where else to buy?


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hi Kim,
      I recommend watching eBay for museum Black Milk pieces, but I have personally not seen one of these on eBay for a while. Best of luck!


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