Amoralle White Opal Robe Review


amorallerobe 001

Today, I am reviewing the White Opal Robe in size large that retails for €360 at Amoralle. I am a huge fan of Amoralle’s designs and – though technically sized out – this is the second robe I have purchased from Amoralle (for a review of the first robe – click here).

Fabric & Construction

This robe is made out of “ivory” lace and a black stretch-jersey material. The jersey is quite soft and is left ‘raw’ with straight edges that do not have a seam. The lace is trimmed with velvet and has a velvet covered button for ultimate luxury. The lace itself is soft enough but not the softest lace I have ever felt. It feels more structured as if a light layer of starch was added. Overall, the lace feels quite strong as if this garment would hold up well over years of use.

Now, I put ivory in quotations above because the colour of the actual lace does not – in my opinion – match the lace that is displayed online. Online, the lace looks like off-white. Even enlarging the picture to full capacity – it still looks like an off white colour and is certainly ‘whiter’ than the model’s skin tone! I was very disappointed (okay.. I cried… *sniffle*) to open up my white opal robe and find the lace was more of a beige colour. The colour blends in with my skin tone and I have a long-standing HATE of ‘beige’ or ‘nude’ or ‘natural’ or ‘skin-tone’. I hate this colour so much that this photo shoot is the first – and last – time I have worn this robe.


I find the lace quite pretty – though I hate the colour – and the flowing nature of the garment really screams luxury. You are simply swimming in lace. The thick black border in jersey offers a nice contrast. Instead of being ‘cut to fit’ the White Opal gown is cut to drape. Thus, if you lay the gown out with the sleeves straight out – the gown forms a square. When arms hang down, the fabric drapes down as well. Under the arms the garment is open – merely closed at the underarm to create sweeping sleeves. Black velvet trim around the neck and down the front of the robe matches the black jersey used on the bottom and edges.


Look, I am sized out of Amoralle – that is hardly a secret. Their size chart stops at about a US size 8 so I am not their target market! However, I can get away with the odd robe and am happy to do so. This time, I feel dwarfed by the opal robe! It is far too long for my short frame as I have approximately one-foot of excess fabric beyond my feet. For taller women, this length would be a godsend. While I could get the robe tailored, it would offset the symmetry between the bottom black trim and the side black trim.

This robe has a lot of room: this is a huge bonus for any larger girls wanting to buy Amoralle styles. Girls up to size 16 or 18 should be able to easily fit into the robe. As it has so little structure, the white opal robe has plenty of room for your bust and hips. I tend to be scared about fit whenever I buy lingerie online but this robe should fit almost anyone. Smaller girls will enjoy the volumes of luxurious fabric and larger girls will enjoy all the room without the robe being too tight or pulling.

In the end…

This robe is just not for me. While the construction is beautiful as are the fabrics, I hate the colour and am unwilling to tailor the robe to fit my short stature. Therefore, I am selling this robe – EBAY LINK HERE (and offers welcome) – in hopes that this robe can find a new home where it will be loved and worn.

Song of the Day: Cold Blood ~ by ~ Apocalyptica

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