Berkshire Queen 1361 Stockings Review


Berkshire 001a

I spent an ungoldly amount of time searching the internet for simple (and affordable) lace-top stockings (for garters) that would fit a set of 26″ thighs. Finally I discovered the ‘Queen’ size range in the Berkshire 1361 Silky Sheer Stockings. These stockings are a budget-friendly $9 USD at Orchard Corsets and they come in four different colours. I will be reviewing the black and red lacquer Berkshire stockings in size Q1.


The stockings are made of a nylon-Lycra blend that stretches to form fit against legs of all sizes. My legs are quite shapely and I found the fabric had enough stretch to mold to my curves and not become baggy during wear. The 5″ wide lace top is equally soft with gorgeous embroidery. As the stocking material is such a low denier, it is rather easy to catch your nail on the fabric and create a small tear. I have done that three or four times already, thus durability is compromised.


For the price, I think the construction is fair. The lace band seems quite secure to the rest of the stocking and the seam on the toe is small enough that I do not notice walking on it. I did find my black stockings had a bit of an error: the one band does not fully cover the top part of the stocking where the fabric is darker. Essentially, I think they attached the one lace band a bit high on the fabric in the front, thus failing to cover over the entire darker bit. There is a slight difference in the red stockings in how thick that attachment part is, but that is barely noticeable. This does not seem to affect the garment’s integrity.


The Berkshire 1361 Silky Sheer Stockings combine both beauty and practicality. It is rare that I find lingerie so affordable that looks so lovely. This is all due to the 5″ lace band across the top of the stockings. The embroidery is simply beautiful and of fair quality for the price. In addition, the material is soft. I may hate red but I love the red lacquer stockings the most: they really pop and look amazing with a pure black outfit. Lipstick legs! On the black stockings, the lace has a bit of a sheen to it that makes the embroidery look blue-black in different lighting. This is hard to match with other black lingerie.

I am satisfied with the design overall, but I would like to see this style come out with a reinforced toe for added durability. I am surprised I have not yet put a toe nail through the delicate fabric.

Fit & Aesthetic

According to the size chart, the Q1 is made for 4’11”-5’6″ women who weight between 150-225 lbs. At 5’3 and 180 lbs, I fall into this category. The stockings mould to my legs without feeling tight and the lace band rests against my thighs without causing a thigh muffin top. However, these stockings are no miracle for your body – they won’t change what you already have to work with. The weight of the top of my inner thigh above the stockings causes the stocking band to roll down in between my legs.

Aesthetically, I enjoy the look of thigh-high stockings with lingerie or under dresses. Yet, I think my legs in stockings look like vanilla ice cream shoved into waffle cones. I get this decidedly conical appearance with small feet and small ankles and then the gradual expanding of my leg up to the lace band at the thigh. This cannot be held against the stockings: I have pudgy legs and the stockings make my legs look pudgy. Reality represented.

In the end…

These stockings are a great budget buy for women of all shapes and sizes, including girls with thick thighs. The quality is good for the price and they are quite pretty. However, do not expect them to magically transform your thighs – that just isn’t their job. 7/10 ❤

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  1. Estelle says:

    I see what you mean about not quite covering the darker band on the black pair. The lace though looks gorgeous for the price! Especially in red.


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