Naomilingerie Checked Cat Eye Mask Review


mask 006a

Naomilingerie is an Etsy boutique out of France that sells Japanese style chiffon boxer style underwear, eye masks, and more. Thanks to a monetary birthday gift from my parents, I purchased the Silk Bow Checked Cat Sleep Eye Mask for 18 and a French Organic Lavender Sachet (no longer available). I had originally intended to purchase one of the boxers as well, but the owner was unable to accommodate my hip size.


The mask is made of a soft but heavy black & ivory checked fabric on the front with pure black silk on the inside, where the mask rests against the face. It is finished off with a pale pink silk bow. All fabrics are soft to the touch and the black silk is especially luxurious against the face. I assume there is batting inbetween the two layers for added thickness. The mask effectively blocks out light due to the density of the material and the use of black fabric on the inside of the mask. The black elastic is simple but effective. In the future, I would like to see this gorgeous mask complimented with a more decorative elastic or the elastic covered in silk fabric. Then, I think this mask would be perfect.


There is a single line of visible stitching up the center inside of the mask. The two layers – checked & black – have hidden stitching creating a ‘clean’ appearance to the mask. Even the bow is attached with a single visible stitch, while the others are hidden.


I was drawn to this mask because of the fabric, which reminds me of Sherlock Holmes and other mysteries I loved as a child. I know Sherlock never wore an eye mask but if he did, it would be made out of this checked fabric (or Houndstooth, I admit).  The pink bow is a beautiful girly touch that balances out the more serious checked pattern. I could not control myself when I saw it had cat ears – they are just darling! My cat couldn’t resist either… he demanded to be a mask model.


Fit is pretty simple as these masks are made to fit universally. I think this one is well cut around the nose to block out most light. The elastic is quite firm and I worry about it wearing out because it is stretched all night.

In the end…

The Naomilingerie checked cat eye mask is decadent. From the weight of the fabric to the use of silk against the face as well as in the bow, this mask is a delicious accessory that is well worth the price. I have not stopped wearing mine since I received it and have slept far better at night because it blocks out light. The feeling of the silk against my skin is so soothing: I swear it is lulling me off to sleep. The elastic could be improved a bit – but that is a minor quibble. I just adore this mask and already have my eye on another fabric combination she offers. Overall, I would rate this mask a 9/10. ❤

A tip for eye mask newbies: put the mask around your neck first with all your hair over the elastic. Slide the mask up and hook it over your ears. Then, the mask will stay on all night because your hair over the elastic keeps the mask from slipping up and your ears keep it from slipping down.

Song of the Day: Feuille d’automne ~ by ~ INDILA

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