Vintage Etsy: Short Peignoir Sets Under $100

1960s Laros Bridal Petal Peignoir Set - $72
1960s Laros Bridal Petal Peignoir Set – $72

What is a peignoir? Essentially, it is a ‘long’ garment usually worn in the evening by women as they washed their face, set their hair, brushed their teeth, and whatnot. Traditionally it is made of sheer chiffon like fabric. A peignoir set includes an inner nightie of sorts – generally sleeveless – and a matching over jacket that generally has short sleeves but can be found with longer sleeves. I put ‘long’ in quotations because that is the traditional peignoir: today I am presenting some beautiful sultry short peignoir. In my personal experience, the vintage peignoir sets you can buy today are generally from the 1950s through 1960s. Traditionally, they come in the most gorgeous pastels with pink, blue, mint green, and lilac among the most prominent colours. they are usually one ‘solid’ colour: in that patterns are not too common, though they do exist.

The peignoir style is re-emerging in today’s retro inspired lingerie. I have seen many companies creating and selling retro-inspired slips or babydolls that resemble the inner piece of the peignoir. Additionally, the companies are often making matching short robes.

As I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of reusing what is already out in the universe. Thus, today I am featuring 10 of my favourite short peignoir sets from Etsy. There were a myriad of these beautiful sets, thus choosing a shortlist was difficult.

Just a reminder, I am selling a bunch of lingerie in NWT, NWOT, and like new condition on eBay. I am very pleased to have sold one bra and have active bidders on two other items (Bordelle & Mimi Holliday) currently. 🙂

Song of the Day: Rule the World ~ by ~ Walk Off The Earth

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