SinnerCouture Pentagram 2.0 Harness Review


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Recently, I purchased this lovely inexpensive Pentagram 2.0 Harness from SinnerCouture on Etsy. I was attracted to the design of the pentagram and this particular design stood out for two reasons. 1) the design featured metal O-rings – both on the back and the front – of a good size that these O-rings became a focal point. 2) The elastic appeared to be of a good width, which I find looks better on my curvy body.

I gave a mini-review of this Sinner Couture harness on Etsy, so if you only have time for a summary, here it is:


Aesthetics & Fabric

This harness is really sexy – it makes me look at my boobs and go “wow! You are looking pretty damn hot if I do say so myself. I think I need a second opinion…” Pair the harness with your favourite bra (like I am) or layer it over shirts and dresses for a sexy ‘lingerie as outerwear’ look. The pentagram itself is a mystical symbol that has very deep meaning (and a long history) – don’t mistake the pentagram’s meaning for ‘sign of the devil’ and all that nonsense. People fear what they do not understand. I really like the two metal rings that anchor all the straps together in the front-centre and in the back-centre. The front centre ring sits perfect on the bottom gore of a bra and really provides an additional accent point in itself. The back ring does a wee-bit of floating but I will expound upon that in fit.

When I originally got the harness, I had difficulty keeping the fabric on the rings. The rings were understandably cut so that the fabric could be put on. Unfortunately, a gap was left that – especially in the back – would cause the fabric loops to pop off the harness. You think it is hard to figure out which way a harness goes on; well try reassembling one without a diagram! Thankfully, my father had poly-resin glue that I put into the gaps and sealed them up nicely. This fix is easy. I mentioned this in the review above and received a response from the company:


I must say, that is wonderful customer service and I am very pleased with that response.

When it comes to fabric, the pentagram 2.0 harness fabric is extremely stretchy; it is made to fit any body shape whether you are male or female. However, the fabric ends are fairly abrasive when resting against the body (I have sensitive skin). I find it best to have a shirt on under the harness to prevent scratching. Perhaps with a bit of washing, the fabric will soften up. The straps are an excellent width. I do not feel like my body is dwarfing the harness, which has been my fear previously when purchasing harnesses.


The fabric has plenty of stretch and truly is a ‘one size fits all’ body harness. You simply tighten the back sliders to create your own custom size. This way, you can have the harness as loose or as tight as you want it. However, you will need to keep the shoulder straps relatively tight if you want those two corners of the pentagram. I kept loosing those two corners until I tightened the straps. The only downside of tightening the shoulder straps is that the back of the harness starts to ride up. I think I can counter this with tightening the bottom side straps but I am still experimenting. I must say that the fit is – and should always be – perfect on this harness as you can customize the length of all the straps.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this harness. For the price, I think the quality is quite good. As the harness is ‘one-size fits all’ – it is an excellent basic harness for your wardrobe that is pretty much guaranteed to fit you. Ah, what a rare gift in the world of online lingerie.

In other news

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