What Katie Did Powermesh Demi Corset Review


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I am throwing all three categories in together (Aesthetics, Fabric, & Fit) as they really are all interrelated on this review!

The What Katie Did Powermesh demi corset is a dream of mine. I have always wanted a black underbust corset that I could wear both as lingerie and as a fashion piece. On top of that, mesh is one of my favourite fabrics as I enjoy clothing that I can see through.

Even though this corset is recommended for thinner figures due to the width (only 7″), I ADORE the way this corset accents my waist and hugs my curves. The website is correct in that, if you are larger, you will get a bit of a fat bulge above and below the corset. This ‘problem’ (really it is not a problem) is easily eliminated by wearing a long lone bra and high-rise briefs – which I am wearing in these pictures. I rather think this looks brilliant on girls with curvy figures because it is so narrow, thus accenting narrower waists with larger busts and hips.

The mesh really form fits to your body. As I have such a large dip at my waist in the back, many corsets never even touch down at the very back-center of my waist. The powermesh demi corset does! I enjoy the contrast between the solid boning channels and the semi-sheer mesh. I think the lines that this contrast creates are very complimentary to any figure. The mesh is also soft yet structured: I can wear it on bare skin without irritation.

Ahhhh… fit. This is the one area that I thought that I had nailed down with What Katie Did. I own two other corsets from the company – both in a size 28″.

This corset is made of different material, however. As the website says:

Due to the use of stretch powermesh, the measurement of the waist has been reduced by 2 inches so, for example, a size 24″ will actually measure 22″ unworn.

I confirmed this with my corset, which measures a 26″ unworn but is a size 28″. However, What Katie Did has severely underestimated the amount of stretch in the power mesh. I followed the instructions of

you will need to deduct 3-4 inches from your waist to determine your corset size.

My waist is a 33″, thus I bought a 28″ corset (okay, so 5″ below my measurement). JUST TO MAKE SURE I asked them on Twitter, to which I received this unhelpful response: whatkatiedid1No duh the measurements are on the product page – I already looked at them and measured myself. The reason WHY I was asking is because of the power mesh.

I usually go for a 3″ waist reduction in What Katie Did corsets, thus I have a 2″ gap at the back. With the Powermesh Demi Corset I can LACE IT COMPLETELY CLOSED AND THERE IS ONLY A 2″ REDUCTION!

What the fuck? The math does not make sense. They factor in a 2″ stretch, thus my 28″ corset actually measures in at 26″ unworn. My waist is 33″ and I can only get a 2″ reduction – down to 31″. Here is a little math for you: the power mesh stretches by 5 INCHES. As only 2″ of stretch is built into the corset (28″ measures 26″ unworn), that leaves three extra inches of stretch unaccounted for. Meaning: SIZE DOWN!

I am rather upset about this size issue as I took the time to do my measurements and ask their customer service. Yet, my first time wearing  the corset I could fully lace the beauty down. Returns to the UK with tracking and insurance are so expensive ($48+) that it is not even worth returning. I can wear the mesh corset as a fashion garment, but it is not ‘really’ a corset corset in my books (if that makes sense). I estimate that I will only get a couple months of use out of it before it is just too large.

Currently, I do wear this corset more than my others because it is just THAT comfortable. The powermesh demi corset feels like an ‘anchored free-floating’ corset as it is only 7″ wide. That really gives you the freedom to move and sit without restriction. I wore it this morning for four so hours – ate breakfast, did some work on the computer – and felt comfortable every second. I am only an occasional corset wearer, this this is unusual for me.

I do want to say that the corset – for being made to order – shipped out quite fast and the shipping itself didn’t take very long either. I was nervous that the corset would not even ship until after my birthday, but it made it with ample time before that day! GWAH the disappointment in sizing though! I still love the corset and plan to replace it with a 26″ when I have the funds. I think it is a beautiful addition to my wardrobe and I only wish that the powermesh was less stretchy and/or that What Katie Did’s sizing would compensated for the stretch.

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