Black Milk Nana Suit Bottom Review


blackmilknana 003a

I am on a forced lingerie-buying diet thanks to my car, which requires $1600 worth of parts and work this month. With my birthday also this month, I still have an in-pour of new lingerie thanks to May purchases and lovely gifts. However, I am pretty much cut off from any new purchases for several months. 😦

Yet, there will be no shortage of reviews! Today, I am reviewing the Galaxy Blue Nana Suit Bottom – size large.  While this particular pattern is no longer available at Black Milk Clothing, there are many other nana suit bottoms (and tops) that can still be purchased.

Fabric & Aesthetics

Firstly, OMG the galaxy is on my ass! The print on these knickers is truly out of this world (sully pun intended) and is the sole reason I purchased these bottoms. You have no idea how big a ‘universe’ dork I am. Here is a little run down on my geekiness when it comes to all things out there:

  • Owner of a nocturnal sundial
  • Assemble 1000 piece solar system puzzles
  • Put glowing stars and planets on my ceiling as a kid
  • Owned and used a star charting disk
  • Had ‘telescope’ on wish list for a coon’s age
  • LOVE BBC Wonders of the Solar System & Wonders of the Universe
  • Space toys
  • Own the same print in leggings & totally have a Corina nebula scarf *score*
  • Have seen Chris Hadfield perform ‘Space Oddity’ LIVE!

The print is a REAL picture from NASA of the LH95 (stellar nursery). While I would prefer these bottoms to be of the Carina Nebula, this is second best. The galaxy blue nana bottoms totally combine my love of geeky space stuff with my love of lingerie. There needs to be more galaxy lingerie!

These bottoms are NOT breathable. You should not wear your nana suit all day unless you want to torture your vagina. The material used is the same as Black Milk’s swim material – a technicality that makes these swim bottoms and thus able to pull double-duty in your wardrobe. I have a plain black Panache bikini top I can pair with these bottoms if I want to wear them into the pool or the ocean. From experience, this material is very durable. My cat occasionally digs his claws into my Black Milk pieces – and yet they survive. The fabric is also incredibly comfortable: it is silky soft and non-existent most of the time.

Aesthetically, these bottoms rock. The cut is quite flattering to anyone with a high waist. Ample butt coverage ensures even the most well-endowed rear is covered but not hidden. This fabric embraces curves and leaves them on display! Full coverage leg holes look great as well, though there are some disadvantages to this cut (will be discussed in fit). If you have a large belly – learn to embrace it. These bottoms show off curvy figures: there is no reduce or hide when it comes to the nana bottom. My tummy has a bit of a pouch, and these bottoms just paint it over with stars and say “love yourself.”


Let’s review some measurements. I now measure 33″ waist and 46″ low hip. According to the Black Milk size chart, the size large fits a 35″ waist and a 45″ low hip.

Aesthetically I love the cut of these bottoms but logistically they are not quite ‘right’ on my body. The nana suit bottoms rest at my natural waist, which is a bit above my belly button. I enjoy this height when I am standing and walking around, as it emphasizes my waist. However, it doesn’t look so good when I am sitting: the band goes up too high and folds over in the front (I am 5’3).

I would also prefer the leg holes a cut higher. The fabric hits my thigh, which is quite generous, and bunches up in both standing and sitting positions. Furthermore, the fabric rolls up to fully expose the seam when I am sitting. After eight hours of wearing the bottoms (testing them!), the crease above my thigh was red and sore from the indent these bottoms left on me at the leg hole. I do hope that the material loosens up over time! My waist (front) also had a slight indent from sitting in the bottoms, but it didn’t bother me at all.

Otherwise, these bottoms give full coverage on both the front and the back. The material is stretchy and form-fitting to accommodate almost any body shape – including mine. If it was not for the leg holes, I would forget that I am wearing these at all. In the end, the blue galaxy nana suit bottoms are a lot of fun! I shall enjoy prancing around the house in them and even, occasionally, pairing with a bikini top for the beach.

Song of the Day: Faraway, Vol 2. ~ by ~ Apocalyptica

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