Claudette Cool Cotton Bra & Bikini Review


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This is my second white bra in probably ten years. I avoid white like the plague because 1) I thought I looked horrible in the colour and 2) white is so hard to maintain looking ‘white’. As of now, I recant my first point!

Claudette has opened up an ‘Encore’ shop with many of their designs discounted from previous seasons. The prices are extraordinary; the only catch is the shipping: they only ship to the USA. An awesome woman in a Facebook Boob Group I am a member of offered to do the dirty work of purchasing and shipping to me: problem solved. I purchased the Claudette Cool Cotton Bra (36E) and matching bikini briefs (XXL) in white.

Fabric & Aesthetics

O.M.G. THIS IS THE SOFTEST BRA EVER! My breasts are nestled in little pillows of cottony love! I cannot think of a softer bra that I have ever tried and, hands down, this is my go to bra when I am not feeling like wearing a bra at all. The breathable and lightweight cotton fabric is a god sent in the summer time. Come the heat of June – August, I usually abandon wearing bras unless I am going out. However, the cool cotton bra reduces boob sweat and keeps my breast tissue from resting against my skin. I can wear the cool cotton bra around the house without wanting to rip it off my skin.

The Cool Cotton bikini is made of the same fabric with a little button embellishment on the front. The underwear offer good coverage, a medium rise, and comfort. Cotton underwear is a must in any woman’s wardrobe. If you get a yeast infection (oops…), they suggest you wear either a) no underwear at all or b) cotton underwear. Your vagina needs to breathe! As I have said before, a cotton gusset does not mean your vagina can breathe. If the fabric on the other side of the cotton is not breathable then your gusset is not properly breathing.

The cool cotton bra and pantie set is minimalistic. I rather like this as it gives a ‘girl next door’ feel to the outfit (without getting too creepy). The button embellishment on both the bra gore and the front of the underwear adds just a little something extra. Overall, the set provides a nice clean profile that works well under clothing. However, there is one thing that bothers me. Run your hands along the cup and you can feel the seam from the end of the side-sling fabric. The side slings built into the cups also show through where they end. This is visually disrupting when you are wearing the bra without a top (see middle picture). In addition, if you wear a tight top over this bra, you can often see the end of the side-slings through your top too!


This is my first vertical seamed bra with a two-part cup and it fits rather well. The unmoulded cups allow for my near-immediate breast projection better than any of the three-part cups that I currently own. The gore tacts and the fabric, for the most part, encases my breasts beautifully. There is some minor wrinkling in the cups depending upon the position I place my arms. Part of this is due to the shoulder straps, which are quite wide set. If I lift my arms at all it pushes the shoulder straps in and the fabric puckers – especially at the top. The very top of the cup rests loosely against my shallow upper-breast tissue and there is a tiny bit of extra space on my smaller breast. However, I think moving down to a DD cup would make the bra too small. It is times like these that a 1/2 cup size would be great.

Overall, the bra fit issues are quite minor. The cool cotton bra offers excellent projection and encases my breasts well. The wires are about the perfect width for me. The straps, while I would prefer them a bit in, are comfortable. Oddly, the band runs a bit looser than the Claudette Dessous. I wear the Dessous on the first set of hooks while I wear the Cool Cotton on the second set of hooks. If I were to wear the cool cotton bra on the first set of hooks, then the middle of the wires would lift off my chest (tried that). They sometimes still lift off on the second set of hooks – no idea why.

I purchased the matching Claudette Cool Cotton bikini briefs in a size XXL as the XL in the Dessous range fits tight. The Cool Cotton briefs fit looser than the Dessous briefs: about an entire size looser. Thus, if you take a XXL in the Dessous, then you should size down to a XL in the Cool Cotton. I will know this for next time.

I am incredibly pleased with the Claudette Cool Cotton bra and underwear. It is a simple, clean design with amazing fabric and a good fit. Perfect for summer, this set is becoming a staple in my wardrobe.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. cassie says:

    i know this is an old review but this! this is what i want! is there any companies that make such a thing in 32HH/34H? i feel you on the white part, but oh this looks like a dream!!!


    1. Avigayil says:

      Unfortunately Claudette only goes up to a 38G in these or I would SO recommend. They make a grey-purple one I also have and a simple brown, and simple black. Shame they don’t have your size 😦


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