Knixwear High Rise Briefs Review


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Imagine my surprise when I noticed a sweet little banner on Twitter announcing that Joanna Griffiths of Knixwear would be showcasing her designs at My Filosophy in Edmonton, Alberta. As I was staying near the city for the last two weeks of May, this opportunity was kismet! On Saturday I popped by and was greeted by the warmth of Joanna. She was absolutely lovely and asked important questions like “have you ever heard of Knixwear before?,” which I had. For me, that is an important question as so often lingerie fitters, experts, and more assume you know shit all about the product.

My overall impression of the product line was positive. The fabrics were amazingly light and soft to the touch. The designs, while mainly simplistic for the everyday and sportswear lines, were thoughtfully constructed with quality materials. The lace line of underwear I found quite lovely, but the contrast between the lightweight lace and the heavier gusset on the leak-proof undies was disappointing. There are a couple incredibly lightweight wireless bras in the works as well that I am dying to try.

I purchased (or rather a dear friend purchased for me: thank you S.S!) the Seamless Moisture Wicking High Rise – Knix Air in beige. Before this purchase, I did not exactly own any beige underwear because I think it is the ugliest colour ever and would not want to be caught dead wearing them. However, I acknowledge the utility of such a pair especially under sheer clothing.


Upon giving Joanna my waist and hip measurement, she recommended a size large. A size large equals 42″ – 44″ hips according to the online size chart. While my hips are outside this chart by 2″, I think this was the best fit choice given the size of my waist. The waist is a perfect fit. It hits me at my belly button and it neither roles down nor bunches up (though the waistband does fold when I am siting for prolonged periods). I do find the fabric around the bottom tends to sit about midway in on the cheek after an hour or more of wear. Surprisingly, the fabric does not dig in even when sitting midway on my butt cheeks. I could use a slightly higher leg opening (front) as the material folds and bunches up on the front of my leg (above thigh) when I sit down. However, this is a minor quibble. The Knix high-rise briefs fit so well that I forget I am wearing underwear.

Fabric & Aesthetics

Knixwear makes four claims that I will evaluate in turn:

Seamless design (no visible panty lines)
Quick dry, moisture wicking cotton gusset. Dries 2-3 times faster than regular cotton.
Anti – Microbial Technology that combats odor.
Light as air fabric feels like second skin.

  1. Seamless Design: The Knixwear high-rise briefs are indeed ‘seamless’ in that the seams are flat-laid so that the there is no visible line when under clothing. However, I found that my side seams tend to get bumpy striations on them. While I could not ‘see’ them under my bodycon dress, I could easily feel them when I ran my hands down my sides. On anything tighter, I am pretty sure these bumps would show through. While I really like the design and the fit, it would look better and ‘feel better’ under clothing if these bumps did not occur. I can just imagine my lover running his hands down my side, stopping, and going “what’s that” to the feel of those bumps.
  2. Moisture Wicking: I gave these Knix panties one hell of a test. I wore them for 17 hours straight while I drove from Alberta back to Vancouver Island. Towards the latter part of my journey, I could feel some moisture but not nearly as much as there usually would be on such a warm day. This is satisfactory, but I would still like to see total moisture control in a light fabric like this (in the future).
  3. Anti – Microbal: Let us delve into the stinky stuff. I think these underwear do reduce odour but I was underwhelmed by this feature. To put plainly… I expected more. I ran my fingers along the gusset several times during my trip and I could still smell ‘me’. I was hoping that these undies would eliminate the ‘me’ smell instead of just reducing it. Admittedly, after letting my dirty underwear sit unwashed for a few days… the smell of the Knixwear was substantially less than that of other unwashed underwear. I am quite pleased with that.
  4. Light as Air: Holy mother of pearl the fabric is like an ethereal velvet cloud! It feels SO GOOD against my skin that I could practically live in these underwear! I do worry about catching a nail on the fabric because it is so thin (also semi-sheer) and seemingly delicate. However, I agree that the Knix Air briefs do feel like a second skin.

I will quickly say that these are a utilitarian pair of underwear: not your prettiest. Yet, I think the semi-sheer fabric adds a little spice to this seemingly plain pair of underwear. The colour is also good for my skin tone. While certainly not a perfect match, the Knix high-waist briefs will disappear under clothing. In the future, I would like to purchase a pair of their black high-waist briefs after they fix the ‘bumping’ issue.

If you use my referral link HERE, you get $15 to spend on your first purchase at Knixwear.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mireille Delisle Oldham says:

    Seemed to good to be true. Bought 1 pair, then quickly ordered 3 more. Turns out my ‘sensitive parts’ are allergic to this fabric. The bras are fine, but the undies cause a massive rash…


    1. Avigayil says:

      Eeep! that is terrible. I wash all my underwear in hypoallergenic, non-scented detergent as I have sensitive skin… but I have not had a reaction like that before. Sorry to hear that.


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