Playful Promises Mia Kimono Bra Review (Update)


Pictures taken on a cloudy day…

I purchased the Mia Kimono Set from Playful Promises and reviewed it approximately a month ago. True to my intentions, I have since purchased the 36F bra for a better fit. I normally wear a 36E, thus this is one cup size up from my normal size. This mini-review will be just dedicated to fit as I already discussed aesthetics and fabric in my previous post.

The 36F cups are more accommodating than the 36E cups were. Very little of my breast tissue escapes out the sides and I think, what does escape, is more due to my side heavy breasts combined with years of wearing the wrong bra size. Neither the satin nor the mesh fabric gapes anywhere so the fit looks marvellously good. I do find that the material right under the arms (upper portion of mesh cup) irritates a bit on the 36F. However, I am sure this will go away after a few washes when it softens up. I also find the top mesh portion flattens out my breasts a bit (little bit) when I first scoop and swoosh them into place. This is a non-issue within minutes. You may also notice a slight wrinkling under the cup in one of the pictures: this is par for the course when you have two breasts of slightly different sizes and different heights. I also have a bad habit of wearing my bras just a little low on my body because my breast projection is immediate (something few bras accommodate).

On the Mia Kimono 36E, the gore did not tact on to my chest and it is the same for the Mia 36F. While the gore does sit closer to my chest in the F cup, it just will not touch down. Usually, you want the gore to tact for the best support possible in a bra. However, the structure of this bra still gives excellent support and a beautifully rounded breast look. I do not feel like the bra is lacking in support whatsoever.

I am not an expert on bra fit but I think the gore issue comes down to two problems:

  1. The gore is a bit too wide so breast tissue gets in the way of the gore touching down
  2. the cups are too shallow where they connect with the upper gore.

The first I established by sticking my fingers down the gore to find breast tissue that I could push out of the way. When I pull my breasts ‘outwards’ – scooping tissue away from the gore – the bra comes much closer to tacting. I established that the cups are too shallow near the gore because I am still developing a pressure mark on my inner breast skin from the seam that connects the mesh to the body of the cup. This line, which spanned my entire breast in the 36E, now only affects about the first 1.5 inches of skin going out from the gore. This does not cause any discomfort and may also go away once the fabric loosens up a bit with washing.

As I mentioned previously, the band is a good fit and is slightly more comfortable in the 36F as my breasts have more room. The straps are the same as they were on the 36E, but I notice their width more, perhaps because the cup is bigger (thus it changes their position on my body slightly). However, they have not rubbed so all is good.

I am still head-over-heels for the Mia kimono bra and pantie set. It is my favourite set of all the sets I own! I cannot get over the style, the fabric, and the colour. I also really like the rounded shape the bra gives my breasts. I am very happy I purchased the 36F bra as it is a substantially better fit than the 36E bra. I am still undecided if I will keep the 36E (in case I drop down a cup size) or if I will try and resell it.

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