Hips & Curves Edwardian Chemise Review


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Update: After posting this review, I was contacted by Hips & Curves’ customer service. They sent me a beautiful email thanking me for my review and informing me that they are reviewing the Edwardian Chemise’s fit issues. They assured me that this was a one-off issue. On top of this, they generously refunded me for the chemise – a very unexpected but highly appreciated gesture. Based on my personal experience, their customer service is exceptional.

Several months ago, I purchased the Hips & Curves Edwardian Cotton & Lace Chemise in a size 1X. While I do not often show at plus-size lingerie shops, I was very interested in trying something from Hips & Curves, a well-known company. Technically, I should fit their size 1X.


To start this discussion on fit, let us review a few dimensions.

Currently, I measure:

Bust: 42″

Waist: 33″

Hips: 46″

1X at Hips & Curves is for:

Bust: 38 – 41″

Waist: 31 – 34″

Hips: 42 – 45″

You would think that this chemise would be a decent fit on me, maybe a bit tight, – and you would be wrong. Fuck, I am swimming in this thing – it is TOO BIG! It is certainly NOT made for the dimensions given in the size chart. I wonder if they figured people would cheat on their size measurements by a couple inches and then made the garment for that. Now, I understand that the garment will not measure the size that it is for – you need a couple inches of extra fabric for comfort. However, the garment I bought is substantially larger. It is so big in fact that I had to check if I truly received a size 1X. Here are the measurements of the actual chemise I received:

Chemise Actual Measurements (1X):

Bust: 50″

Waist: 46″

Hips: 54″

Do you see any possible problems with that? I do, because I am the person standing in the mirror wondering what the fuck I did wrong knowing very well that I followed their size chart and essentially – got screwed. That 11″ of fabric at the waist really is a problem and the bust measurement is a huge problem too. Getting both shoulder straps to sit on my shoulders (and stay up) is a work of art because I could pull the entire garment down off my shoulders and over my hips in one swift yank.

I know I am a little harsh on this, but I am tired of being burned by companies who do not follow their own size charts. I pay good money for my lingerie. I spent $60.24 CAD on the chemise (with shipping) and then an extra $21.62 on duty. In total, I wasted $81.86 on something that looks like a white tent on me and feels like a white tent when I wear it. There is SO MUCH FABRIC that sleeping in the chemise is uncomfortable because it twists, bunches up, and I end up rolling on top of the excess.

I tried washing the chemise in hot water in order to shrink the garment but that did not help. I even soaked the dress in hot water straight from the kettle – no help.

Fabric & Aesthetics

The Edwardian chemise’s cotton fabric is lightweight and rather durable. I have put this Hips & Curves chemise through the wash a number of times trying to shrink it, and the cotton fabric still looks new. The lace has also held up surprisingly well with only a couple loose threads. I actually really like the lace; it has such a nostalgic feel and appearance. Lace trims the entire neckline, armholes, and the bottom as well. The lace feels strong but not too rough. Structured but not abrasive. There was a tiny ribbon drawstring that ran through the lace at the neckline, but it came out the first time I put the chemise through the wash (delicate cycle). Oops!

On the front waist region, there are pleats to gather in fabric for a ‘smaller’ waist. On a person who fits the chemise well, I am sure these pleats would accentuate the waist. On my waist, it does nothing as it still leaves the garment 11″ bigger than my own measurements.

There are seven buttons running up the front of the Edwardian chemise and all are still attached. This is somewhat surprising given that I have slept in the cotton chemise a couple times and the stress on the buttons must have been something terrible. I think this chemise could be ‘heightened’ with some nicer buttons, but that is one of the few things I could think of to improve the design. Aesthetically, I think the Edwardian lace and cotton chemise is beautiful and I would certainly buy this garment again if it actually came in my size. In fact, I have been on the hunt for a similar garment as I crave this simple yet dreamy style for hot summer days. I absolutely have no complaints about the style or the fabric. I just really, really wish this fit.

Given the rather poor fit of the 1X on my body, I will not be purchasing any further items from Hips & Curves. It appears I am ‘sized out’ on the bottom end. I do wish they would either a) fix their size chart to reflect the actual garments or b) make the garments to their actual size chart. If the size chart had accurately reflected the garment, it would have saved me nearly $82.

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  1. Pennie says:

    Thank you for the review. I love the edwardian era…and i was getting ready to purchase this…but my actual measurements were here there and everywhere! Bust was a LG on their chart- waist was a 1x on their chart and my hips were at a 2x…. So what the heck man! If i order it and go by what you said the actual measurement is on the garment you recieved, then i should get a LG. It will be my luck, it would be too tight. Ugh. Oh well. Thank you again for the review!


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