Bedhead Pajamas Review – Medium


BDPJ2 001

**I was given this pair of pajamas free of charge. No review was requested. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

First of all, hold the fucking phone I WAS GIVEN SOMETHING! OMG!! Isn’t this like one of the ‘signs’ you run a legit lingerie blog? Seriously, this is like a coming out party! First (1) I got an email from some guy who would probably like to fuck me, then (2) I get followed on Twitter by female escort companies, and now (3) a generous company has given me something for free! Out of these three ‘milestones’ – I much prefer the last one 😉

I reviewed a pair of Bedhead Pajamas back in March and was less than pleased with the quality and the fit. Evidently, someone at Bedhead Pajamas read my review, because a couple weeks later I received a pair of pajamas in the mail, in a gift box, with the most lovely little message. They wished me a happy graduation (my first pair was a grad gift to myself) and gave me the contact info for someone should I have any questions.


Like… this stuff happens to other bloggers… not to me! I am just a girl taking pictures in her underwear trying to help other women shaped like me find stuff that fits them. I am not like some of the blogs I admire who get free stuff. I buy everything I review. Until NOW.

I think the problem with getting given something – is you want to scream at the top of your lungs how AMAZING the company is for doing that and yet you do not want to let their generosity colour your assessment of the actual garment. Let us see how this goes (first-timer here!)

My initial impression was speechlessness when I opened the package. Not only does Bedhead Pajamas have some of the nicest gift boxes in the world, they also wrap their pajamas up nicely in them. However, that was not what blew me away. Fuck the fabric is awesome! Few people know this, but purple is one of my favourite colours so when I opened the package my eyes lit up at the stunning saturated purple with white print. The white piping trim and white buttons just further set off the purple. Hello beautiful… are you for me?

I was given this yummy set (no longer on Bedhead’s website so I have no clue what it is called) in a size medium (shock!). Going from an XL (last set) to a size M (this set) had me worried. First, I tried on the top and it was nearly a perfect fit. It closed over the breasts without any gaping. I did notice about an inch of gape around the hip region but it did not significantly pull on any buttons. This top has three buttons and all of them have stayed put through several machine washes (delicate) and hanging to dry. I have slept with the top fully buttoned. Even on active nights where the stress on the buttons from tossing and turning is high – they have stayed in place. Marvellous!

The bottoms are slightly tighter than I would like. However, they fit across my hips and I could wear this set around the house. I worry about injuring the fabric if I actually wore these to bed as they are very firm across the hips and ass. You can see a bit of pull in the pictures. I figure that if I lost 1″ of hip measurement (on the agenda), these should fit very well. The waist is like a dream fit… I do not even need to tighten up the lace for these to stay in place on my waist. The drawstring also has a cool crossover design that makes these a cinch to cinch!

Length wise, the pants fit perfectly. The cuff at the bottom rests against the top of my foot without drowning my legs. The arms are also a good length. While I prefer pushing up my sleeves, I often leave these down on cold mornings.

Previously I had some major quality issues but this time I have not had the same results. The material is hearty, the buttons are hanging in there even under stress, and I have not experienced any frayed ends. It is as if I had a ‘lemon’ pair the previous time. Except for the odd lose thread; there has been nothing structurally wrong with these Bedhead PJs. I mentioned in my previous post that the material was beautiful and structurally sound – in that I did not expect the primary pajama material to fade or tear. Again, I am assured of the material quality in this pair as well. This time the entire construction seems in line with what I would consider a more luxury pair of pajamas.

This pair will be going into my personal collection. The previous pair (pair I bought for myself) I have trimmed, repaired, and will be giving them to a family member – so all is not lost for them either. 🙂

Song of the Day: I of The Storm ~ by ~ Of Monsters and Men

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