Playful Promises Mia Kimono Set Review

PPMiaKimono 002

I have several things preceding this purchase that I want to review, but I cannot get the Playful Promises Mia Kimono Print Bra and Mia Kimono Print Brief with detatchable suspenders out of my head – so I am reviewing them instead! I ordered the bra in my standard size (36E) and the matching brief in a size XL. I just received this set like a week ago… and this was my first reaction:

OMFG This has got to be the most beautiful bra and pantie set I have EVER OWNED!!! EEEEEKK!! So pretty! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! *tear*


Needless to say, I am smitten. The gorgeous kimono print cannot be appropriately captured via camera (because the stupid camera bleaches the turquoise) – it is so vivid! The turquoise blue is like the sky on beautiful day and the flower blossoms almost feel alive! Usually, I hate flower patterns of any sort but this – this is so different. So beautiful. So pretty and sensual and bright and alive. Not only is the fabric stunning, but the kimono printed fabric is soft to the touch. The inside of the bra is also very comfortable around the breasts.

Now, if the entire Mia Kimono bra was this pattern – solid – I might feel differently about the bra. Instead, the cups have thick black vertical lines running up the cup, black framing the wires of the cup, black mesh band, and black mesh along the top of the cup. The black contrasts beautifully with the bright fabric, making the entire bra pop! Likewise, the briefs feature strong black accent lines and a sheer mesh back to perfectly complement the bra.

There are little extras on this bra that cannot be ignored. Playful Promises uses thicker shoulder straps for their E and F cups, for which I am grateful. The cute little fuchsia bows part of the way up on the Mia bra straps are just darling too. They match the bows on the garter straps – also totally cute beyond measure. This is the most beautiful set I have ever worn. ❤


Oh my dear lovelies, I feared for the fit of this bra when I ordered it. The straps looked entirely too wide for my frame (eep!) and I was unsure about the cup height. However, the bra is a gorgeous match for my breast shape. The wires are wide enough to accommodate my side-heavy breasts and there is NO extra fabric hanging out at the top waiting to be filled. Unfortunately, the fit is not all peaches and cream. After appropriate scooping and adjusting, the gore simply will not tact to my chest. The bra just refuses to touch down. In addition, after wearing the bra for a few hours, I receive a horizontal line from the seam separating the kimono cup fabric from the mesh upper cup. That line is actually ‘imprinted’ into my breast tissue and takes a while to fade. While it is difficult to see in this bra, the cup actually makes me ‘quadraboop’ – where one bump is up to the seam before the mesh and the second bump is in the mesh. There is also tissue trying to escape out the top side. Given the fit on my breasts, I think the Mia Kimono bra fits almost a full cup-size small. For a perfect fit on my body, I think I need a 36F (their largest size).

The band on the Mia bra is a good fit, and I would classify it as a standard 36″ band – neither too firm or too soft. I wear it on the loosest set of hooks. When my back is tender (or during my period) the bra does feel a bit tight, but I believe this to be hormonal. The bra straps also rest just peachy on my shoulders with no threat of slipping off. The thickness of the bra straps on the 36E makes the bra rest comfortably on my shoulders.

I had to purchase the matching Mia Kimono Brief because I am addicted to matching sets right now. Unfortunately, they do not make the brief in my size so I ordered the largest size they make: XL. I usually wear large to extra-large briefs, but Playful Promises’ XL brief is for a 42.5″ hip, whereas my hips are 46″. The elastics in the fabric does very slightly indent onto my skin, but I am overall pleased that I fit into the briefs. They are very comfortable and my ass feels like it has plenty of room! The sheer mesh back is very forgiving for women with a fair sized ass. I would LOVE to see a high-waisted brief made to match this bra. Frankly, the Mia brief hits me right where I hate my underwear hitting… under the stomach pouch. If the Mia briefs were just 1″ higher (though 2″ would be nice), I would be a little more comfortable in them. Even so, the fit is good and they are able to go on rotation in my lingerie drawer.

Further Babbling

This is my absolute favourite bra and pantie set that I currently own, despite the fit issues. I was saying on Twitter how everything else in my drawer pales in comparison. Sometimes we just get so preoccupied with good fit that we compromise on style. The Mia Kimono set reminded me how important the aesthetics of lingerie really is to me. I may own a bra that fits me perfectly well, but if it is uglier than sin then I just will not wear it. Or, worse, I will wear it and loath seeing my body in the mirror while I do.

Now, I know there are some fit issues for this bra, but I already took some measures (that didn’t quite work out) to rectify that. First of all, I went to Playful Promises’ website a few days ago to purchase the 36F. They were out of stock at the time, so I found the bra on Mio Destino and proceeded to order the 36F bra there. However, this morning I received an email telling me that their supplier is out of stock in that size, so I could get an alternative bra or a refund. I requested the refund as I have my heart set on THIS bra. I thought I was completely out of luck for ever getting the Mia Kimono Print Bra in a 36F. However, when I was writing up this post, I discovered that the 36F is back in stock at Playful Promises. Once I receive my refund for the bra that is not shipping, then I will order the 36F!

This is a must own bra for me… there are no doubts in my mind that I always want to have this bra in my drawer. It makes me feel beautiful, cute, sexy, and sensual all at the same time. What more could a girl ask for? ❤

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