Freya Active Swimsuit Review

FreyaSwim 006

I have been looking for an excellent swimsuit for lane swimming. Part of my ‘improved health’ goal is to get back into the pool. Ignoring the chlorine, swimming is really an amazing workout for your entire body. Different strokes improve core muscle groups in your arms, legs, shoulders, and abdomen.

Athletic swimsuits based on bra size run around $80 – $100, which I was not willing to spend on a swimsuit I could not try on. However, on eBay I found plenty of Freya Active Soft Cup Swimsuits. Rumour has it that Freya swimsuits fit well projected breasts better, so I downsized from an E cup to a D cup, thus placing an order for a 36D in purple. I actually managed to score the Freya swimsuit for $40.19 CDN after exchange.

First of all, bad idea on sizing down. I was scared that my regular size would become a flotation device in the water but the 36D is too small in the top. I get major ‘cleavage’ right above the Freya Active swim suit and there is no way the gore is even considering touching down – soft as it is. The band underneath the breasts does make contact so it is not as if the entire chest part has lifted away. I am just squished into the swimsuit in a way that minimizes my top. Saying that, there are some women who might want the minimized look while swimming. I am just not one of them: I want my boobs damnit! I do have a little breast tissue escaping out the sides, but not nearly as much as I would have expected. I find the swimsuit cuts in a bit right beside my arms – on the front- but I think that might be because the top portion is just too small for my chest. Perhaps in my proper size, this would not occur.

The top has one other issue I want to point out: the seams in the soft bra cups show through the swim fabric. I am not sure if this would be as much of a problem in my proper size, but it certainly is in my current size. However, this problem is not a big enough deal for me to consider changing swimsuit brands.

Now, the Freya Active swimsuit has MANY redeemable qualities. The shoulder straps are placed ‘in’ on the shoulders. They do not move. They do not shift. They do not dig in. I LOVE the way they cross in the back and then fasten with a plastic clasp. In fact, the back is a work of swimming wonder where everything becomes secure and I do not need to worry about my swimsuit shifting. I have not had the clasp come undone either – and even if it did, the design would still keep my swimsuit in place.

The fabric feels very good… almost a velvety softness encasing my body. The purple-colourway is quite aesthetically pleasing with highlighting panels on the sides that run up the straps and compose the majority of the top-back panel. I think this looks quite slimming and reduces the appearance of a ‘peanut’ shaped body. I also think the purple looks nice, is far better than black, and has not faded with exposure to chlorine.

I tend to be skeptical about one piece swimsuits, thought that is all I wear. At 41.5″ x 33″ x 46″, I do not exactly have a swimmer’s body. HA! Not a chance. There is nothing terribly hydrodynamic about this body – it is more like dragging a sack of potatoes through water. Seriously. However, the Freya hugs every curve. I was surprised at my first swim in it when I did not have to reach back and tug the fabric into place on my butt. For the most part, this swimsuit stays in place. That is EXACTLY what you want in a swimsuit! Breast-wise, I am supported to the point that I forget about my boobs when I am swimming. Previous swimsuits have, like a manta ray’s mouth, acted as a huge water funnel/scoop. However, this neckline is cut to minimize water drag. There is also no fear of flashing my breasts at anyone.

I really love this swimsuit and think it will hold up well as I get back into swimming. That being said, I will buy a 36DD or 36E when I need to replace this suit. You see, I sort of screwed up when I ordered. I am a 36E UK, which sometimes is a 36DD or a 36DDD in the US. To go down one (1) size in the cup I should have ordered a 36DD NOT a 36D. Sizing like this drives me crazy… I wish all countries had one size system! Give that I went 2 sizes down (idiot!) in the cups… no wonder my boobs are squished! I still think that sizing down in the cups is a good idea for shallow projected boobs. I would probably go with a 36DD next time. Sizing issues aside, this swimsuit is fantastic.

By the way, I have been busy on eBay lately! I just sold a bra today and then made a new listing. Check out this lot of three NWOT Mimi Holliday briefs that I have for sale. 🙂

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