Spring Wish List

I think wish lists are great – they are a way to share favourite brands and designs with other people. However, I have a habit of making wish lists a mile long… filled with items I am just never going to buy. So, This is my ‘I plan to buy list’ and the current things on it.I try to keep this list fairly short as I a) cannot afford to buy everything I like and b) should not buy everything I like or my drawers would be overflowing. Thus, this list is the intersection between I like, I want, comes in my size, is in my budget, is still available, and I think will look good on me.

Prima Donna Aurora Plunge Bra:??? – I think I had a heart attack when I first saw this bra. It is GORGEOUS and such a fierce blue colour. The little yellow accents really pushed me over the top. I know someone who can get me one in the EU – but I need to make my way to a store to try on this brand as i have never had one of their bras. I want to figure out my proper size and see if the bra works for me before I invest over $120 in a bra. Update: Not a great fit for my shape.

Naja Carmen Hi-Waisted Blue Panty: – $32 US – I cannot get this spectacular pair of underwear out of my head. I love the blue embroidery on the front and I think the gorgeous mosaic tile pattern is – well – so sexy! The panties give off an ‘earthy’ feel without being brown (yay!). I am dying to wear these. Update: OSS in my size

Naomi Lingerie Mint Soft Chiffon Sleep Boxer:35 – I think this may be one of the cutest pair of underwear alive. The colour is stunning, and the entire boxer whispers comfort and beauty. These are a must have – though I will probably have to go custom as the largest hip measurement is 40 – 42″. Update: Designer cannot make this is a 45″ hip.

SinnerCouture Pentagram 2.0 Harness $40 USD – This harness really caught my eye for two reasons. First, they use nice thick elastic, which is more suited to my frame. Secondly, they have two O-rings… one at the front and one at the back. I am a sucker for O-rings! I also like the design on the back. This will make its way into my wardrobe soon enough! Update: Totally bought it!

Black Milk Cleopatra Bodysuit$60 AUD – I would have already purchased this bodysuit if they had released both sizes at the same time. Unfortunately, only size small has been released and size large has no estimated date of arrive. I have had amazing success with Black Milk bodysuits in the past, and I cannot wait to add the Cleopatra to my collection. Update: Large came out in limited edition – had to get!

EricaM Legwear Azza$42 USD – Someone put horses on tights… OMFG *drool* *passes out* I NEED THESE!!! I have longed after horses for ages! Heck, one of my favourite trips as a teen was going to Spruce Meadows. Seriously, I do not even wear tights – proper tights like pantyhose or nylons or such (wtf is the difference?) – that often but these take the cake. They are the most wonderful design EVER and I would wear them to death! I might even wear gloves when putting them on and such to prevent runs. Update: was given these as a gift for my birthday!

I find it funny how I was just separating this list by ‘bras and underwear’ and then ‘everything else’. However, you could easily say the top row is colours and the bottom row is black. Haha! I will never get over my love for black, but I also enjoy throwing a splash of colour into the mix every now and then.

Lately, I have been really trying to limit my spending – especially on lingerie! So I plan to add these beauties to my wardrobe over the next few months. You will know when I do because I will write a review! ❤ Hey lovelies, what are you drooling over these days?

*note: all pictures are copyright to the respective designers.

Song of the Day: Like I Can ~ by ~ Sam Smith

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