Change Room Stories II: Victoria’s Secret


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Welcome to another edition of change room stories! I hope to keep this as a running theme on the blog where I walk into lingerie stores, try on bras, take pictures, and post my thoughts. Frankly, it is a lot cheaper than buying every single piece I review. In the last edition, I visited a boutique in Parksville. This edition features my recent (Sunday) quick visit to the Victoria’s Secret store in Vancouver.

I was not planning on going inside VS as the typical VS molded cup bra is not compatible with my breasts. However, I had just had a disappointing morning as Diane’s Lingerie (my true target) was closed for the holidays while Google said they were still open from 12 – 5 PM. Furthermore, Google has the wrong map location for Wolford – my next intended stop – so I spent an infuriating amount of time wandering around Vancouver getting nowhere. I did drop by Wolford in the end, but the prices certainly made that a short visit! I was also attracted to Victoria’s Secret by a unlined, three-part lace cup bra in a bright neon green that was displayed in the window (and I subsequently found out was out of stock).

My first stop was the ‘designer’ section – where I found okay lingerie at large price tags. I felt up a few items that had a nice combination of chiffon and lace, but I found the quality lacking. Everything just felt ‘okay’ but not something I was eager to have laying against my skin. It is not that the materials were not soft. Rather, the materials would not even bring to mind a word like soft or rough. They were pretty fair to middling – nothing special. The price tags – wow. I looked at a robe that cost $368 and thought to myself that I could get better quality for $100 from an indie designer.

Of course, I looked at bras. A sales person approached me and asked if she could help. Usually I would say no, but this time I gave her precise information on what I wanted. I wanted unlined, three-part cup, lace or mesh, 36DD bras in orange. Her reply was “well we should have something like that around here…” At that instant, I felt like I knew more about bras than a customer should and she knew less about bras than a person selling bras should. This idea was further cemented in my brain when she proceeded to show me push-up molded bras – in orange. Evidently, the unlined and the three-part cup went out the window. After clarifying what I wanted, she then showed me lace bras in orange (or a variation therein) regardless of how many parts the bra head.

I tried on two bras in size 36DD. Though nameless on their tags, the first is the Body by Victoria Unlined Demi Bra in Neon Nectar Crochet lace and the second is the Dream Angels Unlined Lace Demi Bra in Mint Ice lace. I will review each in turn – with the photos I took in the change room.


Body by Victoria Unlined Demi Bra

This bra was an absolute ‘no’ from the beginning. First, the material had that so-so quality to it. With a band that runs tight, it was just not comfortable up against my skin. Perhaps this would soften with washing, but the first impression was of a very uncomfortable hug. My breasts did fit into the cups all right but there was a bit of gaping under my breasts. I thought it was because the cup was too ‘long’ but I think it is because the cup is not projected enough. In fact, my breasts felt pulled tightly against my chest as if this bra was acting as a minimizer. The cups felt tight across my breasts – and while this was not uncomfortable – it did squish my nipples and reduce my projection. I think I may need to consider my love of the three-part bra cup.


Dream Angels Unlined Lace Demi Bra

My experience with the Dream Angels unlined bra was like night and day compared to the previous bra. This cup merely has a seam up the middle – allowing for projection! In fact, I am pretty shocked at how well this bra fit. The wires were just wide enough for my breasts and they did not dig in. The cup structure really gave my breasts a gorgeous rounded appearance (yay!!!). No minimizing! The gore tact well and it stayed tact when I bent over. The band was a bit loose – very strange as the other band was too tight. I would need to fasten this bra on at least the second eyes for comfort – maybe the third. The materials also had me iffy – yet again. I like soft, comfortable fabrics against my skin and this was just so-so. However, if I needed a new bra, it would have been a simple decision to purchase the Dream Angels lace unlined demi. It was tempting actually!

I like doing bra comparisons like this because it helps me learn more about what works for my breasts. I do not own many bras with a centre seam, yet the fit was so much superior to the three-part cup I tried and the bra I was wearing at the time. I think I might try more bras with that cup structure as it might just be the perfect structure for my breast shape.

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