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All my reviews are honestly what I think of a given item – on my body – and the customer service of the company should I interact with them. No one pays me to write anything, which means this blog is a labour of love AND it frees me up to be completely honest in my reviews. From sugary mushy gushy drooling to flamboyant annoyance and rage – I can express exactly how I feel about an item. I think that is what lingerie is all about – how it makes you feel when you wear it.

… and I feel pretty disappointed and annoyed right now.

For my graduation in November, I decided to buy myself the ultimate comfort package. I splurged on a couple books, a kilo or two of German candy, two pure beeswax candles, and a set of luxury Bedhead Pajamas. The books were wonderful, the candy tasty, and the beeswax candles look and smell lovely. However, the Bedhead Pajamas have been an utter and complete mistake: from poor advice to poor fit to poor quality. I try to cover the highlights of a product, and the difficulties, in each of my reviews. This post will be mainly low-lights – a few spastic rants – and will leave you with an overall feeling of disappointment. You have been warned.


PJs, real pajamas, have been on my bucket list for a few years. I crave the warmth and comfort of a full pajama set – especially during winter. Bedhead PJs appealed to me because I heard they were curve friendly and they have such beautiful patterns. Upon consulting the size chart, I found myself somewhat between sizes so I phoned the company to ask advice. Technically, I am between a large and an extra-large according to the size chart:


  • Bust: 41”
  • Waist: 32”
  • Hip: 43”


  • Bust: 44”
  • Waist: 35”
  • Hip: 47”

Me (in November):

  • Bust: 41”
  • Waist: 33”
  • Hip: 46”

Talking to the person at Bedhead PJs (as I did not want to screw this order up), I gave her my exact measurements and told her the two sets I was looking at. One was a cotton/spandex combo known as the ‘stretch’ pajama. The other was 100% cotton – the Coral Sergeant Pepper Voile Ribbon PJ (which I am reviewing – right now). Bedhead’s customer service representative suggested a size large in the ‘stretch’ PJ or a size extra-large in the 100% cotton version. I was going to buy the stretch PJ, but it sold out by time I had finished talking with customer service (sucks)! Therefore, I went with the XL in the 100% cotton – as they suggested. I will admit, I was skeptical about the XL and kept on wondering if I should just go with the large. However, I also worried the PJ might be too small in the large so I trusted the customer service rep – they should know their product.

EPIC MISTAKE! Oh my gd these pajamas fit so bad that to even say the word ‘fit’ in the same sentence with them is a grave error. First – Bedhead’s size chart has some serious issues. These PJs may be labeled an XL, but that is about where the similarities end. According to the size chart, these PJs fit a 35” waist. However, the relaxed waist (without cinching) is actually 40” – fully stretched out the waist is 48”: holy fuck! The hips measure 52” (across the widest part) and the bust (of the top) measured out is 46”. To make my point clear…


Extra-Large (size chart):

  • Bust: 44”
  • Waist: 35”
  • Hip: 47”


Extra-Large (I received):

  • Bust: 46”
  • Waist: 40” – 48”
  • Hip: 52”

Now, the bust I can understand… you want a couple extra inches of room. In fact, the top is not that bad (compared to the bottoms), and it is certainly wearable. Nevertheless, the hips are 5” larger and the waist… is simply unforgiveable. 40″ of fabric unstretched is 5″ over the measurement chart and 7″ over my waist measurement. Stretched gives the fabric another 8″ clearance for a total of 15″ above my waist measurement! I cannot even cinch that baby down enough to keep my pants up. I have tried washing in hot water and drying hot to shrink this set down and nothing fucking works. In short – FIT IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER DISASTER and Bedhead does not even follow their own charts!

On a side note, the pants are long in the leg for me. However, the inseam is accurate to the measurement chart so I was prepared for that. Had that been the only issue with this set, I would have simply got the bottoms hemmed. However, the fit is wrong in so many other areas that to fix is simply a waste of time and money.


Even though the fit was disastrous, I thought the quality of Bedhead Pajamas might be a redeeming quality. Then, all I would need to do is figure out my right size for next time. Yeah… NO. I washed my pajamas in cold water on the delicate cycle ONCE – and the ribbon around the hem of the shirt frayed and unraveled and a button came off. I did not even stick them in the drier – I hung them to dry. Nevertheless, after one washing, it looked like I had owned these pajamas for ages.

The second major quality issue appeared when I actually wore these pajamas to bed. I wore them for two nights and another button came off! I have worn them again about three times (to bed), and subsequently one more button has fallen off. I took the top to my local tailor to sew back on three of the four buttons when I had worn the set less than a half dozen times. I am sorry, but this is really low quality work if you cannot even wear the pajamas to bed without the buttons coming off. It is also not because my bust is pushing on them. I measure (now) 42” so the top has a good 4” of clearance.

Between the fraying of the ribbon and the buttons coming off so early into my ownership of the Behead PJ set – I was/am extremely disappointed and a bit agitated. I planned this purchase so carefully! I even bothered to fucking phone the company – calling from Canada to the USA – to ask them advice on size. This was part of a gift to myself for one of the greatest accomplishments of my life – receiving my BA in English with Distinction. Sadly, it was such an epic failure for things beyond my control. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, and I wanted to throw the fucking set in the garbage!!! Still feeling this way some days…

Steps taken:

This was a final sale item, but I did inform BedheadPJs that the fit was bad when they advised what size to buy. They emailed back saying I could return it if I wanted. However, with the cost to mail the set back and the partial shipping cost I would incur for them to mail a replacement set back out to me – I just was not willing to invest another $25 – $30 or so in a set that already cost me $94.67 CA. I was rather angry, actually, and when I get like that I sort of make stupid decisions like keeping a set I cannot wear rather than throwing another $30 at a company I am unhappy with for the chance of owning something that will actually fit.

I rather regret my decision not to spend the extra money and send it back. Frankly, the set is unwearable. Yet, I question whether a replacement would have been that much better because of quality issues. I also wonder if I just got a bad set: maybe this is an anomaly? Since, I have tried shrinking both the top and the bottom by washing it in hot water and drying it with heat. It has not worked.

Now that I have that out of my system – I will mention a couple positives about the set. The cotton fabric is quit nice and both looks and feels durable. The fabric has also maintained its colour brilliantly despite my attempts to shrink it via hot water. That is a very good trait as I love the mix of oranges, yellows, and pinks. I also really love the beautiful patterns that Bedhead PJs offers. I would have loved to try one of their stretch sets, but the quality of this set really makes me gun shy. I may love their patterns, but do I really want another $100 experiment that might go wrong? That is $100 on sale for me… if I bought regular price then I would be paying closer to $200 CA.

I am now – again – searching for a set of pajamas. If you have any company recommendations, please let me know!

Song of the Day: High Hopes ~ by ~ Pink Floyd

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