Damaris Macedonia V Bra Review

Damaris 004

Why am I reviewing a bra that is several seasons old? Well, I see reviews as a place to start when looking at a brand and at a specific style of bra. While this bra is no longer available, Damaris makes many v-bras, so this post may serve as a reference to anyone wanting to buy one of the more current designs. In addition, eBay exists (no duh). eBay is that wonderful place that you set your hopes and dreams upon when you want to find out of season pieces. If you happen upon one of these gorgeous bras on eBay (in your size) – buy it!

The Damaris Macedonia (size 12) is my favourite bra. With a silk band and lace cups – this is truly a luxury piece. I think she speaks of effortless beauty with no pretences: no wires for lifting and shaping and no gore either. At a 36E, it is hard to comprehend a wireless bra that both fits and complements my breasts – yet this bra succeeds marvellously!

Let us begin with fit. My breasts (widely splayed) fit within the cups without falling out sideways or inwards. The fabric of the cups does not cut in nor gap. As this is a shoulder style bra, the straps are well in on my body and look amazing all the way up. I do find the straps on this bra super-short. My goodness – I have high set breasts and even I have both the shoulders straps on the loosest setting! I am not sure what a woman with lower set breasts would do. Oddly enough – the middle of my nipple does not line up with the seam in the cup. The seams are very far apart: thus, they fall on the outside of my breasts. I am fine with that – really, I am too in love with this bra to care about it.

You will note, in the first picture below, that the band on the back looks too tight. The band is snug – but I can wear the Macedonia bra for hours without it leaving any red marks on my body. From this, I assess that the band is adequately tight yet not too tight. The silk band appears to pull like that just because the horseshoe clasp is only anchored in the middle. It is sort of like having only the middle clasp fastened on a three-row hook and eye bra clasp. Now, there are two velvet hooks for adjustability. Each one has stretch so this Damaris bra has about a couple inch leeway. It could also, quite easily, be modified for a slightly smaller under bust by attaching a smaller hoop on the bra. Part of the band is the beautiful V in the front. Visually – this is quite sexy and continues the sight line of a deep plunge. Functionally, it works like a gore (tacts firmly) and is pretty comfortable when I am walking about. However, I have a pudgy tummy – so when I sit the bottom of the “v” pushes into my soft flesh and leaves a bit of a mark. I can only sit in this bra for a few hours without that indent becoming annoying. This is very much an occasion bra – when I want to feel absolutely ravishing.

There is one additional feature I must mention: the horseshoe “U” at the back. This clasp is visually appealing as well as functional. It is one of the first things that attracted me to the Damaris V bra line. The gold colour is a nice accent and it keeps the bra fastened well – I have not lost the bra yet! The only thing I do not like about the back is how the smaller velvet hoop sticks out. I could cut it off (OMG!!!) – but if I ever loose enough weight that I needed that smaller hoop, boy would I regret it.

The lace is also out of this world gorgeous! Rather than the overabundance of floral lace out there, this bra features a chain link pattern that is both modern and retro at the same time. Love. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Even when I look at the bra from a side-profile, I LOVE! Somehow, this wireless bra manages to lift my breasts and give them a bit of shape. The Macedonia does not pull my breasts in (unfortunately) – rather it just leaves them their all splayed out. It feels like the bra is just begging me to love my breasts as they are. Somehow this works; my breasts look fucking gorgeous that way, if I do say so myself. 😀

My only regret is not buying the matching underwear! I dream of finding a matching brief or even the matching thong in my size. If I remember correctly, the underwear is just as beautiful as the bra. Sooooo… if you happen to find a pair (L – XL) on eBay, let me know! ❤


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