Dollhouse Bettie Zingara Bodysuit Review

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I rarely buy items at full price, though I believe in the principle of the idea. My main reason is fit. Most of what I buy either does not fit or it is a passable but not good fit. That leaves rare pieces in the camp of ‘good fit’. I would gladly buy those good fit items at full price but so much money is wasted on poor fitting lingerie. Given that my body type pretty much requires online shopping, I can do little to eliminate that problem. Sure, I read blogs and reviews but I can never fully anticipate how an item will fit on my body.

The Dollhouse Bettie Zingara Low Back Lace Bodysuit is an exception to my lingerie habits. I purchased the Zingara bodysuit (Size XL) at full price on the day it was released. I was actually refreshing the page while I worked – waiting to buy the bodysuit. WHY? Because it is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! I do not know of any other bodysuits made of lace that have a) long sleeves, b) a low back, and c) such a cheeky ass!

Where do I begin?! First, the order process was super smooth and the bodysuit arrived at my door a couple weeks later. As I live in Canada and this bodysuit is made in the USA, there was absolutely no fear of duty as the garment falls under NAFTA. Shipping is really reasonable to Canada.

My first impression of the Zingara bodysuit went like this:

OH MY GAWD! This is the most beautiful bodysuit that has ever enveloped my body! I look fucking hot! Wow, my ass looks so good I could bite it! Ohhhh baby does it ever show off my back! My breasts look gorgeous underneath this stunning lace! FUCK I LOVE MYSELF IN THIS!! ❤ ❤

You get the message; I was mesmerized by the bodysuit. Like any good lingerie, it makes me feel amazing about my body. Let us discuss specifics!

I order a size XL based on Dollhouse Bettie’s size chart. A size XL fits the equivalent measurements:

  • Bust: 40 – 41″
  • Waist: 32 – 33″
  • Hip: 42 – 43″

My own current measurements are:

  • Bust: 42″
  • Waist: 33″
  • Hip 46″

Because of the stretchiness of the lace, slightly larger measurements are well accommodated within the bodysuit without any pulling or tearing. I have worn this bodysuit for a couple hours already and have found no undue stress on the material. I do find it rides > into < my butt cheeks just a tad, but that is a minor issue. I have to be careful to pull the bodysuit material up against my armpits fully or else I find the material between by body and the arm receives undo stretch. This is a simple, preventable problem when dressing. Lastly, the sleeves on this bodysuit are too long for my arms… I have a couple inches of pooled fabrics at my wrists. That really does not bother me but I wanted to mention it for other women with short arms.

What luxurious material: the lace feels silky soft and yet still quite substantial. I do not know about you, but I am sick of floral lace everything. While this bodysuit still has a a bit of floral in it, the overall pattern is more geometrical. Indeed, it looks like waves of lace crossing my body. Do not be afraid of horizontal patterns like this (for fear of looking ‘bigger’) because this lace looks phenomenal on all shapes and sizes. As the bodysuit is sheer, it really highlights your shape and features.

Trim – yummy! Enjoy a thick lace (scalloped) trim around the back, neckline, and leg holes. Structurally, Dollhouse Bettie hit a home run by securing all the seam joinings with clear elastic tape. The elastic tape also helps the bodysuit stay in place. I find this essential on the slim shoulders that would probably fall off if not for the grippe-ness of the tape.

Now, the bodysuit I received has a small defect in the material – visible just above my one breast. It is such a small defect really, but I contacted Dollhouse Bettie via chat to talk about it. They offered me a 15% refund and told me to email pictures to them so they could advise on an appropriate fix. I forwarded images, which were then forwarded to the seamstress. She sent back detailed instructions on what a tailor / seamstress should do to fix the small defect. The instructions even included what type of thread to use! The refund amount will cover the cost of repairing the bodysuit. This entire interaction left me with a very healthy respect for the customer service at Dollhouse Bettie. They certainly go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied.

The Zingara bodysuit looks stunning, feels good, and appears to be relatively durable. I have already received complements on the bodysuit and the fit of the bodysuit on my figure. So far, The Dollhouse Bettie bodysuit is my favourite lingerie purchase of 2015.

With such amazing success with this piece, I am already drooling over my potential next purchase. Dollhouse Bettie is a US company so a 36E UK translates to 36DD US. I hit the largest cup size that Dollhouse Bettie makes (thankfully!) so I can just fit into their beautiful bras. I want this Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Ivory Lace Underwire Bra so badly! It would be my first white bra in over 10 years.

Song of the Day: Immortals ~ by ~ Fall Out Boy

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  1. Jolly Jack says:

    Oh yes. I’d take a bite.


    Awesome review and absolutely knock-out pictures.


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