SJ Lingerie Bombshells DD+ Bra & Lace G Review

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A few months ago, I took the plunge to try out the Bombshells collection I had been eyeing up for ages at SJ Lingerie. The Bombshells range is designed for those outside the normal size range at SJ Lingerie. It utilizes a completely different size chart as well. I purchased the Bombshells DD+ Dream Bra and the matching Bombshells Lace G in size medium. According to the size chart, a ‘medium’ dream bra corresponds to 12-14 DD/E. SJ Lingerie is Australian (thus the Aussie sizing) – so I converted that over to Brit sizing using this handy international bra conversion chart. The medium dream bra corresponds to a size 34-36E. The size medium panties fit an 84-95 cm waist and 114-125 hip. My 84 cm waist and 117 cm hips fit like a dream.

First of all, I AM WEARING A FUCKING SIZE MEDIUM! Haha! Suckas!!! *dance* *strut* WOOOHOOO!

Oh, I fucking know that small, medium, and large can be whatever size the company damn well pleases, but the same said companies neglect to make medium in my size! I am stoked to be wearing ANYTHING with ‘medium’ on the label. I think it is just fabulous, though I could see other gals having issues with a separate size chart. Me = happy.

The SJ Bombshells DD+ bra has two layers: an outer lace layer and a mesh inner layer that rests against the breasts. The double layer makes the bra opaque; you will not be flashing your nipples to anyone. The band casing is satin and inside is elastic that will keep your breasts off your skin. The back fastens with a two-column three-row eye and hook system. The straps are adjustable and there is a decorative bow front and center.

The bra fits my boobs perfectly. There is enough support to keep the bottom of my breasts from resting on my chest. The Bombshell bra ‘shape’ corresponds to my own breast shape, as it is a soft bra with no wires. If you are looking for a soft bra to give you a rounded shape – look somewhere else. With adjustable straps and two columns of hook, you can adjust this bra for comfort. I like to wear it on the loosest set of hooks when I sleep but often tighten it down if I am wearing the soft bra during the day. All material that is exposed to skin is incredibly comfortable. Even though the band is elastic, and thus the tightest part on the body, the satin casing really makes it quite soft against the skin. Visually, the bombshell bra is a beautiful basic sleep and lounge bra for women with DD/E busts. There is enough support for lift, but if you do not like the shape of your own breasts, then you are out of luck with this bra.

Now, there are a couple things to note. The elastic within the satin band has a very bad habit of folding over onto itself. It does it every time I wear it and once that occurs and sets in – it is near impossible to get it back to flat. Currently, the elastic within the satin casing is folded over on my left side. However, this does not notably affect comfort. Secondly, I was a bit disappointed that the bow on the front of my set was nowhere near as long or flourishing as the bow represented on the website. This is a very small thing, but accuracy is very important to me when I buy lingerie overseas.

The Bombshells Lace G is as soft as the bra and sits comfortably on my body. It was an odd experience to have my hip and waist measurements fit within one size on a size chart, in fact, I double-checked the conversion between inches and CM to make sure. These underwear are designed for girls with curves… and I have plenty of those to fill them out. The band of the underwear sits right under my belly button and does not cut in whatsoever. The Lace G sits high with the fabric draping over the top half of my ass. No riding up. No digging undies out of my crack. BLISS! The crotch has a cotton gusset with satin lining on the outside. This is brilliant as it makes the underwear more durable! I am not sure if this has ever happened to you, but on occasion, I will scratch an itch to discover later that I have torn a hole right through a pair of lace underwear!

I purchased a matching set because there is nothing that makes me feel nicer than waltzing through a day all matchy-matchy. However, with the bra being opaque and the panties see-through, the set could easily be mistaken for complementary but not matching pieces.

The set is both functional and beautiful so I was horrified to see the medium go out of stock in the dream DD+ bra. Thus, I impulsively bought two size small bras. I usually forbid myself from buying anything for when I am ‘smaller’, but I could not dream of going without this bra at night. The Bombshells bra makes sleeping more comfortable and keeps my breasts in a comfortable position. There is nothing like rolling over to find you need to grab and readjust a boob just to get comfortable again. I love this bra because it keeps my breasts ‘with me’ and reduces heat rashes from skin on skin contact. Come summer, I might as well just live in this bra.

In the future, I would like to see SJ Lingerie expand their colour range for this bra. I know that black is ‘safe’ but a deep purple or dark blue would look amazing as well. Just food for thought. I hope there is enough interest in this line that the company continues to produce it as well. I would love to try out one of the Bombshells DD+ Babydolls in the future.

Song of the day: Not Strong Enough ~ by ~ Apocalyptica Feat. Brent Smith

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