Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Bra Review

Charlotte 004

It has been ages since I did a bra review, so here we are yet again in breast land trying to figure out what shape, size, and support is best for my personal pair. After reading rave reviews of the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Bra on other websites, I took the plunge, ordering this classic style off eBay – in peach.

The other colours (red, purple, blush), are far prettier, this is the first neutral bra in my wardrobe. I tend to stay away from beige and ivory coloured bras, but the black piping accents made up for the colour palette (so did the price). I ordered the bra in my usual size – 36E – There is a ton of discussion on which colours fit about a cup size small (especially in larger sizes) and other stuff but with shallow breasts I rarely have to worry about bra cups fitting too small in an E.

Fit: At first glance, the Charlotte looks like a good fit! The gore tacts firmly to my chest, the bottom of the wire does NOT lift away from my chest, the wires fully encase my breast tissue on the side, and the cups neither dig into my tissue nor do they gape (much). In fact, when I just look at my chest in this breast, I am pretty impressed. I could easily ignore most the fit issues. You may notice there is wrinkling at the bottom of the cup. That is because my breast tissue is not resting against the wires at the bottom. Think of an egg in a glass, and you have the idea. The cup is too deep for my breasts with the bottom a bit too shallow for my breast tissue. I have ‘immediate projection’ – where my breasts come pretty much straight out. Therefore, even though my breasts are overall shallow, shallow on bottom (and narrow on bottom and too tall of cup) bras prevent my breasts from resting against the wires. The straps are also a tad bit wide, but I can live with that.

Unfortunately, the Charlotte Parfait bra is bloody tight. Now, I measure a 36″ underbust and this is a 36″ bra. However, you must consider that the female body is not going to be a 50/50 split of that measurement – front and back – meeting on the sides. Uhhh… no. That is why bra fit is so hard. I think my front under bust is wider than my back. I can put a fist (firmly) between my backbone and the band of this bra in the back, yet the wires and front band dig so deeply into my front chest that I cannot wear it for longer than a half hour without going crazy. I have tried to wear the bra for shorter spurts of time more frequently but I cannot break the damn thing in.

This is most aggravating as the Parfait Charlotte gives phenomenal shape under clothing. My breasts look like beautiful round globes of yumminess shoved up into lovely projected mounds upon my chest. It is like instantaneous – OMG I have boobs! You may think that is a weird statement coming from a 36E, but our world has a screwed up idea of what the average size breast is. Also, the same size breasts or the same volume breasts will look way different on different shaped (and sized) bodies. I think my breasts are average so you will never hear me say anything like “OMG my breasts are fucking huge.”

Back to the bra that I cannot break in: I am losing weight right now (no I am not on a diet – and it has little to do with body image). My hope is to lose a bit of underbust measurement. That is the only way I could see this bra being wearable. It is a real shame because I LOVE wearing the Charlotte but cannot stand the tightness or the red channels the wires carve into my skin.

To summarize a bit, the bra is not a perfect fit but it has many things going for it. While cup depth is an issue, the rest of the cup fits perfectly well. I love the projection and really enjoy the aesthetic of this bra as well. My only real issue is tightness. If this bra were comfortable to wear, I would be ignoring all other fit issues just because of the gorgeous shape and projection the bra gives me.

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  1. Dima says:

    Even though I have little use for your reviews (I’m a wee 28D), I love reading them because you always make funny remarks. Anyway, perhaps you could add those bra hook and eye extenders so it won’t fit as tight? Just a thought! I hope you manage to wear this comfortably one day, the colours + fit is lovely on you.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks for reading! I am totally going to try it will an extender and see if that eases the suffering. 🙂


  2. Jolly Jack says:

    Maybe I’m just a chauvinist pig but when a bra looks THAT sexy on you, I say the pain is with it. Great review and awesome pictures as usual.


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