Ava Corsetry Lola Skirt Review

slip 012 I am happy to start the lovely month of February off with one of my favourite lingerie pieces: The Lola Skirt from Ava Corsetry that I purchased several months ago. The Lola Skirt may be the best addition I made to my lingerie drawer in 2014!

Lola is an understated showstopper! While garnering the title of ‘skirt’, Lola pulls double duty in my wardrobe. Under other skirts and dresses, Lola is the perfect slip with her smooth silhouette. On knee-length or shorter skirts the Lola peaks out from underneath. The bottom several inches are made of eyelash lace, adding glamour to any outfit. I am embarrassed to admit, that I have not owned a ‘real slip’ in years. Mostly, that is due to the average slip looking like something I dug out of my grandmother’s wardrobe. I am all for a garment that keeps my skirt from being caught between my ample butt cheeks… but I refuse to buy ugly. Ava Corsetry’s Lola skirt solves this rather undignified problem and looks spectacular while doing so.

Fit is always a big deal for me – if my previous reviews are any indication. I was a tad bit anxious about ordering this piece because the sizes are the standard: small, medium, and large. Of course, I ordered a size large and waited with twitchy fingers. My anxiety was all for not, as the Lola fits superbly well. The elastic waistband lands at my belly button for a high-waist look and then the fabric careens down over my hips and thighs. I praise the gorgeous pinspot sheer mesh for being so accommodating to various measurements. At 33”, my waist is quite comfortable and my 46″ hips fit without being tight. I do find that the skirt tends to ride up just a tad, and that bit of fabric gathers between my thighs and my hips… where I have a natural indent.

Ava Corsetry’s pictures hardly do the fabric justice – the pinspot design is so adorable that I actually liked the skirt MORE once I saw it in person than I did from the professional photos. That is pretty rare! The eyelash lace is soft and astoundingly beautiful. What else do I love about this skirt? Everything. I love the vertical seams on the front and the back. They are visually ‘slimming’ for a curvier figure. In addition, I appreciate the slit up the back as it makes walking a whole lot easier.

In the bedroom, the Lola Skirt is a killer. Pair her with any black bra you have, or black nipple pasties, and you have yourself a hot little outfit. I know that sheer mesh can be a little overdone in the lingerie industry – but the pinspot design and the eyelash lace really sets Lola apart. For extra coverage, I just pair this skirt with some high-waisted underwear.

Overall, I really couldn’t be more pleased. The Lola Skirt is an absolute darling and now an essential part of my lingerie repertoire. The Lola Babydoll is now on my wish list. ❤

Edit: I seem to have fantastic timing this time around! The morning after I post this, i received a 20% off coupon code for Ava corsetry in my email. So, if you want one of these for your very own, use LOVE20LOVE for 20% off your entire order. Expiry: February 13th, 2015.


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