Ophelia King Bralet & Hipster Review

OpheliaKing 011

I had the distinct please of winning a holiday contest at Scarlet’s Letter. The reward was a lingerie set from a new-to-me designer: Ophelia King. The choice was a camisole and knickers set or a bralet and hipster. I chose the latter as I have been looking for bralets to sleep in. How I won this contest is beyond me, there were 659 entries! I chose the Odete Bralet and Ella Hipster in Ink Drop. Unfortunatly, I find the specific hipster I have on their website anymore, but the other hipsters are very close in design. Both pieces were sent to me in a size large, even though I am slightly outside of those size recommendations. They have (plenty) of stretch in them that allows for size variation.

Odete Bralet

I was most concerned about the fit of the bralet upon reading the size chart. According to Ophelia King’s website, a large bralet should fit a 34D, 36C, or 34DD with a full bust measurement of 39.5″. Last I checked, I measure 41.5″ across (36E), which is a couple inches above the suggested measurement. In addition, the bra seems intend for a 34D/36C sister size – and I am NOT in that line. If I go down to a 34″ band, then I become a 34F to keep my cup volume the same. Thus, it is strange that the bralet feels loose on my body. While the cups can handle my cup volume without pulling the elastic band away from my body, the back rides up several inches. That is both due to the weight of my breasts – which this bra is not built for – and how much extra fabric there is on the bralet. I could probably put my HEAD in between my back and the fabric pulled taut away from me. No wonder the bralet rides up in the back! Yet, it is important to remember that this bralet is NOT designed for support. It is designed to look pretty and offer some pretty coverage. It does that quite well.

Now, I do have another small qualm with the bralet: the cups are too far apart. This is a really strange issue for me to have as my own breasts are side heavy and splayed – but the cups have extra fabric where there is just no breast tissue to use it! The apex – middle seam – of the cups rests about an inch on the outside of my nipple on each cup. It makes me want to (if I had any sewing skills) just take a two-inch chunk of fabric out of the center to pull the cups closer together. I tried sleeping in this bralet to discover that my boobs fall out the middle.

Do note: that all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. This bralet was not designed to handle my weight of breasts. My review is of my experience with the garment as it is now and how I think it could better serve me. It does not mean that there is a flaw it in bralet because the bralet is not my size and was not designed for my weight of breasts.

As for design, I like the way the bra is structured. There is a double elastic at the back – spaced – with lace trim on either side and the laced back panel in between. I really like this style and think it is visually beautiful. The teardrop shape of the cups works well for my breasts and the lace trim running along the bottom adds an extra bit of appeal to the entire bra.

Ella Hipster

I thought I had requested an XL in knickers, but I cannot be bothered to look at my emails and frankly, I am just grateful for a free lingerie set! 🙂 The size large Ella Hipster, according to Ophelia King’s chart will fit a 32.6″ waist and a 39.7″ hip. Well my dears, they fit me perfectly and I am a 33” waist and have 46″ hips! I am sooooo glad I did not receive a size larger!

The hipster briefs from Ophelia King really check off several boxes for me. They do not roll down in the front when I sit. This may be because the top of the underwear has a ‘plasticy’ band sewn on it that might be holding the top up. It could also be because they sit at a near perfect part of my stomach and do not dig in WHATSOEVER. Either way – I am not losing my underwear at any part of the day. They have not significantly ridden up or given me a wedgie during sleep time either.

The cheeky cut on these panties really is most flattering on my ass. I just adore how the top is scalloped lace and the back middle of the underwear has a V-shape to it. As I have a deep dip in my back, this really keeps the underwear from gaping. I love wearing them. They are one of the first pairs of underwear I pull out of my drawer after laundry day – so that says something right there.

On both the bralet and the hipsters, the lace is quite pretty though it could be softer. I find the lace rather stiff, even after several hand washes. I do have to say that the set seems to be holding up very well, and looks exactly like the day I received the set (about a month ago). There was not even a lot of colour bleed into my cold sink water, which is something I watch for now. Speaking of colour, the colour is to DIE FOR! It is the most beautiful blue and if people realized just how astounding other coloured lingerie could be – there would be less black or white or beige in this world. The blue has a shimmer to it without being ‘shiny’ or ‘sparkly’. How they achieve that perfect balance of sheen without going into OMG MY EYES is beyond me. It is just delightful.

In the end, I must say thank you so much to Scarlet’s Letter for the lovely lingerie giveaway. This is a very nice set and one I see romping around the house in frequently.

P.S. I really hate my stomach – it comes from years of loosing weight and gaining weight and loosing it again. Stretch marks and lost elasticity that will never go away. But I felt the set needed to be photographed as a set, so here goes. *cringe*

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