Amoralle Quartz Robe Review

Amoralle 049

Tomorrow, so my email tells me, Amoralle is starting one of their 80% off sales. Needless to say, little squeals of joy and anticipation escaped my lips the second I heard. While other women worship at the altar of Agent Provocateur, I am a frequent follower of Amoralle.

I am sized out of Amoralle. That is fine, I have long given up the idea that every company needs to cater to my size. I am not being cheeky here – their size chart ends at a maximum 98 cm bust, 78 cm waist, and 106 cm hips. If you convert over my measurements to cm, I am roughly 105 cm bust, 84 cm waist, and 117 cm hips. The largest ‘size’ by number I can find on their website is for leg wear, which can go up to a US size 10. Therefore, it was perhaps stupid and idiotic of me to order a robe online from a company that very clearly states measurements that are far below my current size.

Yup. I am stupid some times.

I purchased this robe for my birthday last year; I can see the time stamp on my order – June 17th – three days before my birthday. I know what I was thinking. I have followed Amoralle for years, since before they were even named Amoralle. Back then, they were called Sockbox. The FIRST post I ever made on this blog was drooling over some of their bodysuits. My birthday last year was crap: I was away from family and new friends, I very quickly found out the friends I used to sort of have really didn’t have time for me anymore, and I was taking French for four hours a day five days a week in May and June. That had nearly terminated my brain. I was not thinking. I was just dreaming… and sales have a way of luring dreamers.

I am so glad I am such a dreamer.

The Amoralle Quartz Robe is by no means a perfect fit. I never expected it to be. Rather, I assumed that because it is a robe that there would be extra room built in above the measurements on the website so people of those measurements could fit other things underneath. I must say, except for the chest and arms, the robe is nearly a perfect fit. The buttons at the waist and at the neck both fasten perfectly well and do not pull much at the stretch loop when I wear the robe. I find a little gaping underneath the button – just enough to feature my belly button. I am not sure whether this is supposed to occur or not. However, the bust area is most certainly over-exposed. The interior edges of the scalloped cream lace are intended to lay approximately an inch or a bit more apart from each other. Due to my breast tissue and a larger upper body than this robe is designed for, the lace gapes severely at the top – often threatening exposure. Oddly enough, the armholes feel too ‘big’ also gaping. I assume this is due to the way my breasts are shaped. My breasts start high up on my body and are side-heavy. They also have immediate projection. I think this combination causes the top portion to pull away immediately from the armhole in front. Fit wise, the bottom is near perfection. The full satin skirt is a bit long but I wear slippers (with a bit of a heel) to keep the satin from dragging on the floor. The back feels very comfortable and nothing pulls when I wear the robe.

Astheticly – oh my! *warm fuzzy* This robe is in a class of its own. While other companies may make sexy robes, I cannot think of a company making more glamorous robes than Amoralle. The cream coloured lace comes close to matching my skin tone. At first, I thought this was a negative, but in many ways it adds to the sensuality of the piece. Lingerie does not always need to scream at you. It can be subtle. I also was curious about why the lace is only on the front and not on the back portion of the upper body. The answer: comfort and durability. The satin is so incredible comfortable and it will resist snagging a lot better than lace. While the colour I bought said smokey blue /cream – this is both true and false. The main body of the robe is actually black. There is a thick band of smokey blue satin at the bottom of the robe and the lace is cream. The included belt is also black. It is an odd combination that actually works. Would I prefer all of the satin to be smokey blue? Yes. Am I happy with the robe the way it is? Yes.

The materials are of very high quality. The satin is soft but obviously durable and the lace is extremely ornate, delicate, and soft. However, I was surprised that the belt features the satin sheen on one side with the rough backing on the other. I expected it to be ‘double sided’ – so the sheen would be all the way around. Interestingly, it gives the outfit a different look depending on how you wear the belt. The belt has a multitude of uses. It is wide enough to double as a shawl over your shoulders, or as a scarf around your neck, or even as some light bondage wear.

What I love about lingerie is how it makes me feel. In this robe, I feel incredibly lavish, like a queen or an old Hollywood movie starlet. The full satin skirt dances as I walk and I can wrap it around me when I sit. The lace caresses my skin and does not dominate my body but plays with it. I feel downright spoiled! Sure, this robe does not fit my body perfectly – but I am quite pleased with it as it is. I do wonder if a robe in tomorrow’s sale shall tempt me.

As a small end note: I have been meaning to review this robe for ages. But it is incredible fudging difficult to take pictures of yourself in a full length robe by yourself. I am not happy with the pictures as I can never get what I have pictured in my mind – but whatever.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jolly Jack says:

    I don’t know why you’re saying you don’t like the pictures. The first one, at the top, is awesome. Very “Evil Queen”


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks! It is just really hard to capture the full robe with a 10 second timer on my DSLR. I think I need a remote control.


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