Sandra D Miracle Suit Review

Miraclesuit 004

I was very blessed earlier this year to win a ‘summer selfie’ contest where the reward was a shirt from Nudy Patooty (review coming sometime soon) and a Miracle Suit swimsuit from Kallone Intimi. My choice was guided by the styles they had in stock in my size, so I ended up choosing the Sandra D Miracle Suit in a size 14.

As per usual – this review is all my own creation. I won the swimsuit but no one is paying me to review anything – they do not even know I am going to review the darn thing. I am but a small fish in a BIG pond. ETC.

The draw of the Miracle Suit swim line is their tag “Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds” – a claim I think is a little sketchy and totally depends on where you store the majority of your weight. If you carry most of your weight in your thighs – this swimsuit is not going to do fudge all for you. However, if you have a large belly, then the reinforced front of the Miraclesuit swimsuit is going to be golden. Personally, I carry most of my weight in my butt and my thighs. I found that the swimsuit did minimize the look of my hips and reduce the appearance of my ass. This was both visually ‘good’ and visually ‘bad’. Sure, I would like those parts to look a little smaller – and that was the nice part – but the Sandra D swimsuit disproportionately minimized those parts as opposed to the rest of my body. What I am trying to say is; it made me less curvy. The swimsuit did nothing for my waist (the smallest portion of my body) and nothing for my upper body – probably due to the low back on this swimsuit. Then, right under the Miracle Suit, my thighs jutted out as per normal and it made me look oddly per-portioned.

Let us talk about size. As Kallone Intimi does not have a size chart specific to the Miracle Suit that I could find – I consulted Miracle Suit’s own website. Now, let me tell you how fucked up their size chart is – it is quite impressive in my books. IF I had followed their size chart advice – that would have put me somewhere between a size 16 and a size 18.

Size | Bust | Waist | Hips | Torso

14 39″ 31.5″ 41.5″ 65.5″ – 66.5″
16 40.5″ 33″ 43″ 67 – 68″
18 42.5″ 35″ 45″ 68.5″ – 69.5″

My bust is closest to the 16, my waist is the size 16, and my hips are a bit above the size 18. Usually I use the logic “2/3 ain’t bad” (thanks Meatloaf) so I would be a size 16. However, on the same page it advises customers: “When purchasing a Miraclesuit for the first time, many customers order one size larger than their usual size.” Okay, so following their advice I should have bought a size 18.

But I didn’t. I bought a size 14 because I knew there was no way in friggen hell that was correct. Because I swim, I know how swimwear material works, and I know the stuff stretches like a bastard. I know that if you buy a too large swimsuit that you are merely going to lose it in the pool. In addition, I did not follow the size chart because it did not feel right – logically it did not make sense.

Thank god.

The size 14 fits the widest part of my body – my butt – perfectly well. At a 46″ hip, I should be just above a size 18 yet my butt is held snugly and securely inside the size 14. I will be the first to admit that I have not swam with this suit (and I am not going to), but the swimsuit feels like it should on dry dock. It is form fitting and firm against the body. The leg holes do not cut into my thighs and there is no digging in, bunching up, or other signs of the suit being the wrong size. The shoulder straps stay on my shoulders without slipping off and they do not dig in – another good sign. The swimsuit has a deep open back that suits my smaller waist and there is no excess material at the waist – a common problem I encounter in swimsuits ‘sized for my butt’. I would say everything beneath the cups fits perfectly. My primary fit issue is with the bust area.

The cups feature underwire support (yay!) and foam molding to keep the shape and to offer additional support – I assume. According to the size chart – a size 14 miracle suit is designed for a 39″ bust. I think that is a crock as I currently measure 41.5″ and cannot fill the top of this swimsuit out. (However, we must remember that 39” can be a variety of bust sizes, perhaps a smaller back and larger boob ratio would work better). I think the problem is one part compatibility and one part design. I have side heavy breasts with a high breast root. No matter what I do, I cannot get the wire to stay against my chest or anywhere near the base of my breasts. It usually hangs out about an inch below my breasts – high breast root issue. That really sucks for support. The wire not staying against my chest is not a depth issue; there is plenty of cup depth. Rather, I think this is a problem with the low cut back. If there was a strap around the top portion of the back that met with the sides where the wires are – as a bra band does – to anchor the wires to the body, then I think the bra style top could offer a great deal more support. As it is, the bra really does little for my chest as my breasts are virtually hanging out inside molded cups completely unsupported.

From a functional point of view – this is a beach swimsuit – not a lane-swimming swimsuit. When I raise my arms above my head, the top of the cups cross over and rub together – so no front crawl in this baby.

Now, I am not enamoured by the fit of the Miracle Suit, but there are some things I do like. I love the aqua colour and was surprised how the pictures online so accurately represented the colour of the swimsuit I received. I think the rushing on the cups is very nice but I do not like it on the actual front of the Sandra D swimsuit myself. While I advocate for an upper strap for bust support, I do so love the low back on this swimsuit. It makes me want a full back tattoo again. I also find the shoulder straps of the Sandra D among the most comfortable I have ever worn.

I will not be keeping this swimsuit as the fit on my bust is just so poor – but I really enjoyed winning the Sandra D Miracle Suit (thanks so much Kallone!) and getting the chance to see how this brand of swimsuits fits me.

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  1. Jolly Jack says:

    Very cool suit. I like the way the cups look even though they aren’t practical for swimming.


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