Agent Provocateur Cindy Briefs Review

AP Cindy Brief 001

Oh, I know, I am sooooo late with another update. I could yap on about life commitments and my PAYING job, but I would rather delve into this review that compares and contrasts the same underwear from two different seasons / years. I purchased the Agent Provocateur Cindy briefs (black) in early 2013 from, I assume, their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Just this past October, I purchased the briefs again in the Spring/Summer 2013 Turquoise (blue) colour during a massive sale. I don’t think I have to even mention the massive sale – it is the only way I can afford AP lingerie.

The colours…

Black: It is plain, boring, and I will always like it. Sure, I would love to see more variety in the darker colour pallets – a deep purple or a navy blue but black is a classic colour (okay- hue, shade etc!) that I have always identified with. In the words of an Rolling Stones’ song: “I see a red door and I want to paint it black…” I do have to say the ribbons in pale pink are a total write off and they could have done way better.

Turquoise: This brief just screams fun with the bright turquoise accented by pink ribbons. I am thinking lollipops, rainbows, unicorns, and pigtails. Actually, when I first saw them, all I could think of was Aqua’s song Lollipop (Candyman). Yummy.

First, the basics. Both Cindy briefs are size 5, which the website says will fit a 41″ – 43″ hip. I measure a 46″ hip, so I am really pushing it here. Thankfully, the Cindy has a lot of stretch. That stretch enables them to mould themselves around my ample hips and butt without feeling too small. I am now boycotting low-rise underwear, so these mid-rise briefs are perfect – falling just below the belly button. Unlike most underwear on me, these actually cover my entire ass. Note: I have a wide butt so underwear tend to not quite make it all the way around. The AP Cindy is both generous with their material and has generous stretch facilitating my size and shape.

The pattern on both briefs is identical. You have wide bands of mesh panelling wrapped around your body. The diagonal flow of the fabric is visually appealing, aesthetically striking, and very flattering to a woman’s figure. The way the panels frame the body was the primary selling feature for me: it was unique and looks incredible. I do not have thin thighs or a flat tummy but these briefs don’t need that to still look amazing. In essence, they are the type of brief that sells a dream and delivers as well. I think this is one of the few briefs put out by Agent Provocateur that looks as good on a size 1 girl as it does on a size 5 girl.

I mentioned plenty of fabric, but more fabric does not mean covering up. Covering up is a sensitive issue in lingerie for fuller figures. Often women are told that the most appealing lingerie for fuller figured women is the same lingerie that covers the largest area of their body. You can see the harm that does – “you are only beautiful if I don’t have to look at these bits of you.” Well, that is crap. I like the Cindy brief because the fabric shows off all the bits you have – skin, hair, butt cleavage, everything – as the underwear is see-through.

Now, the fabric used between the black Cindy and the blue Cindy has changed. First, my black briefs are slightly thicker than the blue briefs. However, the blue pair uses a much softer mesh that has a silky feel to it. This softer mesh may have a few disadvantages. My black pair, which I have worn fervently over the last year, is very durable and I have not had any loose threads or pulls. Yet I have owned the blue pair only a couple months and have about five loose threads already. I am concerned as to their durability for long-term and frequent use. I love how soft they feel on the body compared to the black, but if they will not last then the change in fabric is not worth it in my opinion.

The Cindy briefs also come with removable garter clips, which I never use except for decoration. I have always understood that stockings require either a garter dress or a garter belt for proper levitation. Holding up stocking with my underwear seems like a recipe for finding my underwear down around my ankles. However, this is where the other large difference between my two briefs comes in. the garter straps are substantially improved. Instead of black hardware, the turquoise briefs feature thicker ‘gold’ hardware with Agent Provocateur stamped on it. This gives the garters a lux feeling. The ribbon is now satin, whereas before it was mesh. Overall, the blue (turquoise) Cindy Briefs look and feel a lot more like a high end luxury pair of underwear. I think this is a good sign from the UK lingerie giant: that they are improving upon past styles and really trying to give their customers the luxury that is associated with the name Agent Provocateur.

Whether these new materials, specifically the softer and more luxurious mesh, will hand up to the rigger of daily wear is yet to be seen. I hope they do as these are often the first pair of underwear back in my basket after laundry day.

The Agent Provocateur Cindy brief is no longer available from AP directly, so I recommend purchasing it off of eBay. 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jolly Jack says:

    Glad you and your provocative panty pictures are back. Great review and tantalizing photos, as always.

    Have you ever thought of doing toy reviews?


  2. Kamie says:

    If I purchased the briefs one size smaller than my usual size, do you think they would fit?


    1. Avigayil says:

      It depends: if you were on the lower end of the scale of your usual size, then I would say they would probably fit – though expect them to be snug. If you are on the upper end of the scale in your usual size, then I am not sure they would be comfortable in a size smaller. Hope that helps!


      1. Kamie says:

        It does help, thank you very much:)


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