Autumn Undies Wishlist

Soft Chiffon Cat Print Sleep Boxer by Naomilingerie

As autumn sets in and the rains pour down upon this fair island, I find myself having a harder time sticking to budget. I consider this my ‘preparing for hibernation stage’ where I want to pack on as many layer as possible before winter sets in. I also notice that I tend to spend the most money during autumn and winter. This is not just because of sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day, it is also because the desire to buy as a form of comfort becomes stronger. Lingerie and fashion (and books! don’t forget the books!) are my main obsession so I tend to pack in the new wardrobe editions now and regret my overstuffed drawers come spring. I put myself on a strict monthly budget a few months ago, so instead of draining my bank account I am merely going to dedicate this and probably several more posts to what I want right now.

1. Soft Chiffon Cat Print Sleep Boxer by Naomi Lingerie35

I have a serious crush on the panties in the main image above. They are fun little undies with cats chasing balls of string. This classical image just warms my heart. I also adore the cut of these underwear with the slits up the thigh, ample lace trim that matches the main fabric beautifully, and the pretty cotton waistband with little bow. While I tend not to go for beige, the pops of green from the balls of string really make me want to own a pair of these. I have two cats of my own as well – cat love!

 2. Edith Knickers by Blackbird Underpinnings – $55 US

At first I was like, crushed black velvet – totally, but when I saw the champagne version of these high-waisted knickers I was totally sold. Velvet is so soft and absolutely comfortable that I could practically live the rest of my life wearing it. The next best thing is landing my butt in a pair of decadent crushed velvet bottoms. Pretty stoked about that rise too – on my body it will be fabulous!

3. Silk Ruffled Panties by Angela Friedman – $195 US

I think everyone needs a dream pair of underwear and these are mine. I cannot think of another pair that I would rather go prancing around the house in feeling gorgeous because I have a bazzilion silk ruffles on my butt. I LOVE this pair of underwear and the colour drives me wild too. If I won the lottery I would have in every colour.

4. Dia De Los Muertos High Waisted Panties by Bones Lingerie – $21 US

This is a really odd pair of underwear for me to like since I am generally not that in to sugar skulls. However, this pair is like the perfect combination of beautiful Mexican art and white stretch lace. I love how you get such lovely delicate white with huge pops of colour and then black lines woven in for balance. I just cannot stop staring at them.

5. Lust Open Back Knickers by Sacha Kimmes – €65

I have been drooling over these underwear for ages. They are like the perfect picture frame for your butt. The fabric looks luxurious and I love the little bit of scalloping around the overt bottom. What really tickles my fancy is how this pair of underwear is all about showing off what you have, not covering up.

6. Shark Panty by FRKS Lingerie – $40 US

I adore the sharks swimming around on the back of this panty and there is the most adorable little fin on the front. I have swam in a tank full of sharks when I was in New Zealand, so part of my thinks that these panties are just made for me! I have earned them like a badge of honour! I would probably make a custom request for a higher rise as I have had such troubles with lower rise underwear lately.

7. Lili High Waisted Brief by Tatu Couture – £45

Still want these. I swear I have blogged about these before and how much I love the print and how it reminds me of the sea. I love water and the water lily tattoos on the back of this high rise brief are just so special to me. They are sold out in an extra-large but a large might work fine. I am worried about the high-waist being a little too high on these.

8. Cendrillion Briefs by Agent Provocateur

Consider this the too late category, as all of these items are either sold out or sold out in my size already. The Cendrillion Briefs are a mesmerizing combination of wet look lace and black ribbon with an overt back. I recently picked up the matching bra in AP’s last flash sale and am hoping to find the briefs in my size at a future sale. You can find them in eBay right now, but they cost a pretty penny. I love the bra to death and really want the briefs to match.

9. Damask Rose Peek-A-Boo by Ell & Cee

I had the opportunity to buy this brief for a very reasonable price (£12) and did not as it is 100% silk and I already have a stash of Ell & Cee bodysuits (size large) that do not fit. Their stunning lingerie, which I love and adore, just does not have enough stretch for my body shape and size. However, I still adore these panties and will probably hunt them down if I ever enter their size range again.

10. Glove Light Sunny Briefs by la fille d’O – €65

I think my heart nearly broke when I woke up to shop their sale only to realize it had started the day before and the undies and bra I wanted were already sold out in size 6. These are one of the most beautiful pair of underwear I have every laid eyes on. It is like your ass becomes the sun and all who look upon it feel revitalized and happier and their vitamin D levels mysteriously rise. Seriously, who makes a pair of underwear that makes your butt cleavage look awesome? These guys do. I WANT THESE SO BAD. Other sizes are still in stock, so check them out if you are a smaller size.

*All photos copyright of their respective designers/companies. .

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