Dear Kate Margot Brief Review

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Dear readers, I am a little late on my weekly post. There has been soooo much going on (I hunted down some vintage lamps, adorned them with some pre-loved shades, replaced the cat shredded shower curtain, reorganized the bedroom… etc.) that I have been a little negligent on my self-care. Whenever my self-care goes down, so does my personal posting. However, I have a lovely little review for you today on the Margot briefs from Dear Kate.

You might have heard of Dear Kate – they are a company making fantastic waves in the world right now. First, their latest campaign involved tech-executives in their underwear. My reaction was: cool… all women wear underwear including tech executives. These underwear are hi-tech, so why not? The world’s reaction was “OMG a business woman in her underwear! She is promoting sexism!” *eye-roll*

Quite recently, Victoria’s Secret decided to remind women everywhere that the perfect body is tall, slim, white with a good tan, and sample size breasts in this poorly worded advertisement. Dear Kate took up the gauntlet for women who do not fall within this size range and whacked VS across the face with it in this ad that mimics the stance and posture of the original. I really love the article that Lingerie Talk wrote about why this conversation is so important – it is a necessary read. Dear Kate’s response is that all women are perfect just the way they are – no matter what race, size, figure, body proportions, etc.

Given Dear Kate’s activism in recent months, I am quite pleased to be financial supporting this company and I will continue to do so in the future.

I have a bit of a history with Dear Kate. I have purchased ‘period underwear’ from them before when they first started up. I was greeted with some success and some failure. I had a bodysuit (no longer sold) that was like a second skin – I only parted with it when the lace finally tore. However, I had some underwear that lost their elasticity and were a poor fit that probably was one part design and one part wrong size. Thus, I will only be reviewing my most recent order.

Dearkate 008

I purchased the Margot Brief Mini and received the Ella Hipster Full free as part of a promotion. Both were acquired in XL to accommodate that butt of mine. They arrived duty-free to my home on Vancouver Island and I have been testing them out for a few weeks now.

The Margot Brief Mini has a higher rise that ends below my belly button. Both the back and the front provide full coverage for security and comfort during your time of the month. While the solid blue colour may appear a little plain, the black scalloped trim and upper rear decoration add a little extra flourish to these practical panties. Comfort they score in spades – I have worn them for everything from moving furniture to running errands to sleeping and I forget they exist. Unlike pads or liners, there really is no added bulk – you do not feel a thing.

Now, I own these briefs for a purpose: to wear before and during my time of the month. My period likes to play with me… it considers starting and then it stops. Then it pretends it is start again… and then nothing. I like a little extra protection for when I get close to my period or else I can end up with an unexpected disaster and a good deal of scrubbing to do. My period is like this too, I do not remember what a full five or six days is anymore. I have used the full lining briefs in the past yet I think the minis will do just as well as they protect the area most vulnerable. Dear Kate underwear are also easily cleanable so I will not go through a ton of stain remover.Best of all, these underwear give me major piece of mind. When I am stressed and in pain and want to just kill whoever thought having this every month was a good design idea for females… my underwear are now the least of my problems.

Overall, I am very happy with the Margot briefs and I will buy this style in the mini again. My only concern is durability – as I have had that issue before. However, only time will tell. I hope to get a couple years at least out of these as, at $36US a pair; they are not your cheapest pair of underwear.

I am not going to fully review the Ella fully as this brief is just not made for my body shape… but here is a mini review. The Ella was a complete disaster – it frankly did not fit whatsoever. I tried the Ella Hipster on and it went maybe halfway up my butt and cut in at my hips. There was just not enough fabric and the rise was far too low. I took pictures and sent them to Dear Kate. Even in the pictures I had to place my hands strategically as several inches of butt crease is above the top of the underwear. They said it might be necessary for me to size up in the Ella, but they were skeptical whether that rise would work for me even with sizing up. In the end, they issued a coupon for a free replacement pair of underwear and I just paid for shipping. I used that voucher to order a second pair of Margot briefs.

A little extra note: Dear Kate’s customer service was at all times absolutely amazing. Anytime I contacted them, they assisted me in a timely manner and they went beyond in order to make sure that I was a happy and satisfied customer. I foresee being a repeat customer of their brief style underwear and I am quite curious to see customer reviews of their new yoga pants as well. ❤

P.S. I am going to be doing a giveaway pretty soon as I am graduating this month *yippy* and there might just be something from this post in it… *hint hint*

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