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These two items were given to me for reviewing on a different blog. All opinions are my own.

I actually blog for a living, but this is certainly not that blog. I am the senior writer (fancy word for saying I have been there the longest and can edit my own work) at a shopping deals blog in Canada. In the last bit, I had placed two orders with the boutique Derriere De Soie and through conversation over product substitutions for out of stock items; I mentioned that I had blogged about their sale on the other blog. They so very kindly sent the PJ Harlow Mikel Satin Shorts in Pearl and the Charlie Rib Racerback Tank in Pearl with my second shipment in hopes that I would review them. While I could only give them a mini review on the other blog (it is a deals blog, not a review blog), I am more than happy to give them a full write-up here.

Mikel Satin Shorts

The PJ Harlow Mikel shorts have a stretchy waistband on top of a non-stretch satin bottom. I remember taking these out of the box and thinking there was no way in hell they were going to fit. I was not judging by size: I was judging by material. Ever since I bought my first pair of silk French knickers online to discover that they would fit maybe one ass-cheek, I have avoided structured fabrics for my bottom half (but I really like them!).


Hehe! That was pretty much my reaction. I can sit down in them and they do not cut off any important modes of circulation. The waistband is so comfortable that I barely remember it exists on my body. My ass has room and my hips (46″) feel strangely accommodated. The fabric does get tight around the amplest part of my thighs when I sit, but I just push the legs up a bit and they are comfy. The fabric is not even tight around my hips in any position. I sleep tested the satin shorts a few nights ago and they were great. I did not wake up pulling at them or readjusting too much, which is a plus. I did have to re-tie the cord at the waist several times though; it is a satin cord that refuses to stay in a bow. I also did the wash test on delicate cycle and then hung the shorts to dry. The shorts washed up beautifully and appear to be quite durable.

There are a few minuses to the bottoms. First is general appearance on my body – I think I look kind of ‘dumpy’ in them. They are adorning the area I carry the most weight and they just drape over the area. They are not meant to be shaping or tuck in or anything, so this is not the fault of the garment. Secondly, they are white. This probably adds to problem #1, as I am a pasty white chick (I still have a bit of a summer tan in these pictures!) and rarely wear white. Not because I hate it, rather because I fail to appreciate my own body in the colour. However, Derriere De Soie has the same short in teal and in blue!

Overall, I am so happy with the fit of these PJ Harlow shorts and so pleased to have a loungewear short that fits! I am adding the blue pair to my (very long) planned purchases list.

Charlie Rib Racerback Tank

With the shorts came a matching tank top from PJ Harlow. Simply, the Charlie is a white ribbed tank made of 47.5% supima cotton, 47.5% modal, 5% spandex. I cannot express how soft this top is – it has reached that level where you hug yourself and then you cannot help rubbing a little as well because your shirt feels that damn good. The large is a fantastic fit for me and the length is certainly an asset to this top as it reaches mid-way down my butt. Have I waxed poetic about racer back styles before? The racer back is ideal for both lounging and sleeping as the straps are set farther in to the body and join up high on the back (thus the racer). This shape prevents straps from migrating off your shoulders. For anyone with sloping or narrow shoulders, the racer back tank is your friend.

I honestly have nothing negative to say about the tank. It is a good solid tank top and a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I even like the white as I can pair it with black skirts to wear out. A white tank top is extremely versatile in any woman’s wardrobe.

Lastly, I am beside myself delighted to have something to review that I did not buy myself. I know that sounds horrible and selfish BUT it is also because this set is entirely something I would never have bought for myself. When I buy lingerie, I am going to buy things I think will

  1. Fit
  2. Look good on me
  3. match my overall aesthetics
  4. Survive long term use

Moreover, when you order online, those requirements really narrow your choices when you have a more well-endowed shape or a body shaped like an Edwardian S-curve. Your money votes safe or it votes cheap enough that a risk will not hurt your overall budget. Getting the occasional item free whether as a gift from a relative or a boutique or winning it forces you to go beyond your comfort zone and experiment. This might even lead to success. The HJ Harlow Charlie tank fits, looks great, fits with my wardrobe, and will probably survive long term use if I avoid staining it. The HJ Harlow Mikel Satin shorts are such a good fit and so comfortable that I will probably purchase a pair myself. I enjoy wearing them so much!

P.S. The coupon code ADDICT30 will get you 30% off anything at Derriere De Soie until the end of October 2014.

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