Agent Provocateur Cendrillon Bra Review

APbra 001

Someone catch me, I am falling. Falling madly in lust with this presentation – this sensation – of lace on skin revealing the beauty within…

Each month I set aside funds for a complete indulgence purpose that serves no practical value – usually I spend that on decadent lingerie. I had the distinct pleasure of indulging in the Agent Provocateur sale earlier this month. I purchased the Cendrillon 1/4 Cup Bra in size 5 (as I am a 36E) and the Cindy Suspender Briefs in size 5 as well. I desperately wanted the matching Cendrillon briefs that I had seen on Write Me Bad Check’s Instagram feed, but AP was out of size 5. As tempting as size 4 was, I have been promising myself to only buy lingerie that fits me now – not fits me when I weigh [insert lower number here]. I scored both these elegant items for just $126.13 CA and it may be the best money I have spent this month. This review will focus on the Cendrillon bra.


If you need a summary of this post because you are pressed for time, that was it. This bra is just *scream* *bounce* *flail* …there are not words to describe how this bra makes me feel. In the end, whether a bra fits well or is made of the best materials becomes irrelevant if it does not make you feel good. Oh my, do I ever feel amazing in this bra.

I love straps. I loved straps before they became fashionable to wear. In my mind, they evoke echoes of bondage and domination… games built on lust, love, trust, and a desire to fucking feel something when numbness poisons your daily life. When I can no longer feel I want feeling to be forced upon me. I want to force it upon you. I want to draw it out of you; to pull laughs and giggles and whimpers and cries out of your reluctant lips and let them soar to the heavens. I am the electricity running through your body, awakening your soul.

Now where was I? Ah yes, straps. The Cendrillon bra features straps that frame each breast with a bow on top. The straps follow the curvature of the breast and taper together so women with sloping shoulders or close-set breasts will find this bra a blessing. The black also is quite different from their usual bra. It features elastic straps that connect to a one-row, three-column hook feature. While the website advertised this bra would run firm, I found it ran about the same if not a smidge looser than my current AP bra. Compared to other bras, I would say this bra runs a bit on the loose side as I can do it up on the second row instead of the first. Because this bra only has one row of hooks, I think keeping the band tighter will be necessary to anchor the bra properly to my body.  The bra requires a bit of adjustment when you put it on. The easiest way to get your breasts properly settled into the cups is by grasping the end of each wire and pulling up until the wire is snug against your breast tissue. The width is perfect for my breasts, the wire does not come up to high under my arms, and the gore tacts beautifully. For fit, there is nothing I could desire more. Surprisingly, I get a good lift from the bra. The shape is a combination of rounded bottom from the bra with the top being my own breast shape.

I did encounter an oddity with this bra and my breast shape. Rather than have my nipples all pointing out from the center of the bra, untouched by the fabric, the nubby bit of my nipples is resting at the very top of the fabric. I can actually tuck that bit into the fabric (my preference). For a 1/4th cup bra, I would say these are more 1/3rd cup to almost 1/2 cup ‘cups’ on my shape of breasts. I have always known the bottom half of my breasts were rather short, but I found this interesting. Keeps the nipple cozy!

As you can expect with Agent Provocateur, the materials are high quality, the lace has been matched around the cup, and the stitching is nice. I think the wet look black is a nice change from regular black.

In the end, I just love this bra so much. The fit is wonderful, the fabric is delightful, and the aesthetic is 100% INCREDIBLE. I feel like this bra expresses me – something that is hard to find in my size of bras while maintaining quality materials. I hope Agent Provocateur expands their size range in their future because I would love to see this bra on larger cup ladies too!

Note: I like NEED the matching briefs but the cheapest pair I can find on eBay is still over $100 US. 😦 Anyone want to buy me a gift?

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  1. Miss Mew says:

    Glad you love this bra! Lingerie should be about making people feel wonderful about themselves. I really like this bra, too. I got it during their last sale, and it offers a good amount of support. I think the sizing is true unlike most of their other bras. I’ve bought so many, but they all usually go back due to poor fit.

    The knickers fit strangely if you ask me. I bought a 3 thinking they were too tight, but the 4 was too baggy on the ouvert part. I stuck with a 3, but they are a bit tight in certain spots. Not the best but I’m set-obsessed! I had to size up in a 4 for the suspender, and it feels kind of tight, too. Must not wear this after eating a meal. xD

    I would keep your eyes peeled. I wasn’t able to get the suspender last sale, but I managed to get it this sale. 🙂 Hopefully the 5 will be available next sale!


    1. Avigayil says:

      I didn’t know you had the bra too!
      I love sets as well, so I just must have the briefs – I am hoping the 5 will be a good enough fit on my rather ample butt. However, I never do buy suspenders because I so rarely wear stockings! I love the look but I get ‘muffin-top’ thighs, which I find rather unappealing. O.o


  2. Jolly Jack says:

    Great review and awesome, provocative images!


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