Claudette Bardot Plunge Bra Mini Review

pics 007

This is a mini review of the Claudette Bardot Unlined Plunge Bra. I am, frankly, unable to wear the bra so it stands to reason that I cannot give it a full review. I purchased the bra from Derriere de Soie during their Labour Day sale. I ordered it in my usual 36E. Trust me; do not order this bra in your regular size because the band runs incredibly small. I cannot even do this bra up on the farthest hooks, not even if I exhale all my air out and try hard! Even with a bra extender, the wires are noticeably painful against my chest. They tact like no wires or gore has ever tact before and the pressure is quite unbearable.

The cups are good and bad both. They feel true to size at least. The bottom holds my breast tissue well and there is no extra fabric. Unfortunately, the upper portion of the cup has a lot of room that I am not using. The fabric is loose and has plenty of stretch making the top portion (above the nipple) appear too big for me while everything below the nipple looks perfect. Funky. I love shoulder bras because they pull the straps away from the armpits. However, with a high breast root and the wide cup shape, I still have bra fabric nearly touching my armpits even in this shoulder bra. It is not enough to irritate, but it was very unusual for a shoulder bra. The lace is soft enough not to bother my delicate skin yet has enough structure and stretch. I do love the thick straps on back; it is a very nice feature. My breasts look good in the deep unlined plunge and the colour is so gorgeous in person that I want to keep this bra even though it does not fit. It is stunning. Seriously. The cups, as I mentioned, are very wide like most Claudette bras, a great feature for girls with wide set breasts or who are full on the side. However, you will also need upper fullness or at least well rounded breasts to fill this bra out well.

If I were to buy this bra again, I would size up in the band and I recommend anyone considering buying this bra to do so as well. I will not be repurchasing this bra as I have lost track of how many bras I own (and I still have one on order and just received another bra) so I have cut myself off from bra buying until 2015. Let us see how long that lasts, shall we? 😀

Interested in buying this bra? I am reselling mine in eBay, so just follow the link RIGHT HERE. Returning items to the USA is just not worth the expense, so anything that does not fit properly I try to resell. – Edit: SOLD

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