Panty by Post Subscription Review

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I won a six-month subscription to Panty by Post this spring from a contest that Trend Trunk put on. Needless to say, I was over the moon – ecstatic, thrilled, etc! Six months of underwear arriving to my door sounded like heaven on earth to me. October’s panty was the last of my six-month subscription and I am now armed with six pairs of underwear and a boatload of opinions. While I did get this subscription for free, I have evaluated the subscription and each pair of underwear based on the listed retail price for the subscription. For the signature subscription, it costs $125.40 for 6 months. That works out to $20.90 a pair. I ordered the size large, though I could have gone up to XL in retrospect.

The following chart shows you some of the details:

Month Arrival Style Brand Colour
Month 1 May May 1st Thong Change Pink
Month 2 June May 29th Thong Change Black/Pink
Month 3 July July 2nd Boyshort/tap pant Change Black
Month 4 August July 23rd String Thong Change Champagne
Month 5 September Aug 25th Thong Change Blue/White
Month 6 October Sep 29th Boyshort Purpuratta Green

As you can easily see, the panties arrived no later than the second of the month they were for. If you wanted to consider that late, (I do not), just remember that May was my first month and I only won the subscription a few days before. For July, Canada Day occurs on the first so that extra day often throws good old’ Canada Post off. The big surprise was July 23rd, which was a mile ahead of the end of the month. Nevertheless, who can seriously complain about early underwear? I found Panty by Post a very dependable subscription service. As for style, brand, fit, and colour… I will address that on an individual basis below.


This may be May’s pair or it might be June’s pair as I was actually not around for either of these months. I was away finishing my degree while my husband was holding down the fort. He is pretty sure it was this package that came in first though. The colour is a pink and the lace detailing is very nice. The thong’s basic fabric is nice and soft and the lace is not particularly itchy. I did not like the chintz little fake crystals – but there were only two of them so easily ignored. I really did like the lace patterning with the leaves in it. It is very pretty and my favourite thing about the underwear. I would love to see that pattern in a gold and green. The fit is just a tad bit tight on me. Wearable, but a little uncomfortable. I will be gifting these to a friend who is just a bit smaller than me.

Bottom line: would I pay $21 for these underwear? No, there is nothing special about them. Fit is so-so, colour is so-so, fabric quality is fair, with only the lace pattern nice.


June brought a black thong with pink rose trim. The black has a nice texture to it that I like to call cross-thatched though, I am sure, that is completely inaccurate. The lace trim has a black base with roses embroidered in pink on it. It is flattering on the front where thigh meets the rest of your body. I also love the rise on these – they hit about an inch under my belly button, which is just perfect! My stomach isn’t trying to escape and thee shape complements my body. The fit is great as they offer plenty of stretch – I have even worn them to bed. I like that the lace and the underwear fabric is textured. However, the design feels underwhelming – like an underwear company trying to play it safe. I am 28 years old and taking these out of the box was a ‘meh’ experience because they look like something I would give my mother to wear to ‘spice up’ her sparse lingerie drawer. I feel like I am the wrong age demographic for these. Yet, I will be keeping these because the fit and rise is so good.

Bottom line: would I pay $21 for these underwear? Maybe. The fit is great and the quality is fair for the price, but there is nothing about them that speaks to me. They are just – another pair of underwear.


Black is really hard to photograph, but make no mistake that these are black. Black in July. I have to say I was disappointed when I opened my Panty by Post package on a hot July morning to find large folds of black underwear waiting for me. It is July, people. On the West coast. Who on earth is sporting black underwear? It was at this time that I have a thought: I wonder if they are using my free subscription to dispose of some of their remainders? This thought was fueled by another fact that I was keeping track of: three months and still the same brand of underwear: Change. Those feelings and thoughts aside, these underwear are actually a stellar fit and look awesome on! I never thought I would find a lace boy short (almost more like a tap pant) that would fit my rather well-endowed rear and still look good. Friggen fantastic! May I reiterate: my ass looks awesome! There is this v-shaped seem on the back that really makes it all look so nice. The underwear does ride up like the devil though and the lace/waistband is itchy. I find them irritating to wear for long periods of time especially around the waist band as there is no protection from the band (no fabric in between). I think I might use some fabric softener on these. Am I keeping? Yes – just need to find a way to soften up the lace.

Bottom line: would I pay $21 for these underwear? Maybe. Quality fabric is a big deal to me as I have sensitive skin. The style is pretty nice but wasted if I cannot wear them.


I was having a very bad day when my August Panty by Post subscription arrived. The arrival of the pretty little envelope pepped me up and I tore into it the second I got in the house. Then I got angry. Then I cried. Emotions are a funny thing and the oddest thing can trigger them. I will plainly say that I hate these underwear with a passion, I would never purchase them even if they were on sale for $1, and I would be ashamed to gift them to even a friend. They look low quality, they came with a slight pull (very slight – by the tag first picture), and they are not even a chipper colour to enjoy in the middle of friggen summer. What added more sting to the cut is Panty by Post’s social media. I kept on seeing pictures of pretty panties in lovely pastels with teacups and whatnot on them and then I got this. These are the same brand as the first three (funny that) and I have no idea how much they cost to make but they are nowhere near what I would consider – in terms of quality, materials, or aesthetic – a $21 pair of underwear. My subscription that month had the unfortunate pleasure of picking me up with a promise, when I was feeling bad, and then letting me down even harder than I was already falling.

Bottom line: would I pay $21 for these underwear? NO.


I was not optimistic for this package after last month. When it came, I actually did a double take, as the underwear are the same texture and lace patterning as June’s panties, just in a different colour and different cut. It is also, you guessed it, Change. However, the panties are glorious. The fit, like June’s version, features a perfect rise and a fantastic texture. The embroidery feels so good and this cut just takes that feature and gives it to me in spades. Look at the ass on those underwear: it is astonishingly beautiful – gah! I cannot stop looking at my ass in the mirror with these on! The colour combo is so nice too. I was bored of black, pink, and beige – what plain colours! Blue and white are like the perfect marriage and these underwear are a testament to that. The underwear have decent materials, great colours, good texture, fabulous fit, and fantastic ass-style. I have even worn them to bed – rare for a thong – and it was comfortable all night long. Love them!

Bottom line: would I pay $21 for these underwear? For this fit and that ass? Oh ya.


The final panty in the collection arrived just almost a week ago – and I was delighted. This was the first panty not made by Change Lingerie and it came in the most beautiful mint green I could imagine. The lace is soft, almost iridescent, and it has this cute little peak-a-boo hole in the front under the bow. This is only the second pair of underwear not a thong (I count strings as thongs), so I was happy finally to have another ‘full’ pair of underwear. This pair checked off every single box except for fit. There is very little stretch in this underwear and thus they barely came halfway up my butt. Yes, I was horribly disappointed and ranted a wee bit that FINALLY I received something matching my aesthetic (both cute and girly or bondage – either extreme is the way I roll) and it did not fit. Anyway, these lovelies are being gifted to a friend of mine who is going to love them (she already saw a picture and went nuts). I would have to size up to an XL but I am not sure those would even fit.

Bottom line: would I pay $21 for these underwear? Yes, either as a gift or for me, this underwear is certainly worth the price in my books.


Final thoughts: Panty by Post does many things right. Their packaging is very pretty and I love their wrapping paper. I will reuse both of them for sending my own packages out. They also have timely delivery, which is a key factor for a subscription service. The #1 complaint I hear about subscription services is late deliveries or packages never arriving OR the item inside not being what is asked for. I never had any of these issues. However, the company could benefit from more variety and better attention paid to the seasons. In a six-month subscription, I received five panties by Change Lingerie and only one by another company. I also suggest sending lighter coloured underwear in the summer and darker coloured pairs in the winter. Black underwear in July is just weird. In addition, I think their underwear collection could use an edit. While I may not be willing to spend $21 on the pink pair I received for May, I think many women would. However, the beige string is something few women would spend $21 on.

While Panty by Post allows customers to make requests when they see items they like on their social media or send items back, I chose not to do either as I wanted to give the subscription process a true trial without my influence. Had I made a request for a month, that would have lowered my ‘random pool’ by 20%. Had I sent back a pair of underwear, that would have told them something about my personal tastes and may have changed what they planned to send me the next month. This is about as pure as I can give you folks. In the end I am keeping three pairs, giving away two to a friend, and the beige pair will be sent as a ‘bonus’ to the next person who buys lingerie off me.

Any comments, feel free to drop me a line.

Not that I should need this disclaimer: I won this subscription for entering a contest from a different company. This review is completely my own opinion and I do not benefit from it in any way. In fact, I could make people mad at me for not liking their product. :p

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Mew says:

    I apologize if this seems harsh, but this is such an awful subscription box. I would never ever spend that much money on underwear that looks like it was made in bulk and shipped out looking like leftover products that nobody would ever purchase. The quality looks poor as do the color combinations. $21 for each pair us pushing it. I wouldn’t pay more than $2 for each pair shown here. Thanks for reviewing this box! I’m pretty sure that subscription boxes like these are a waste of money, and you’re better off buying something you want or like for $20.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Hey! I am all for honesty so your comments are just fine in my books. I generally avoid subscriptions myself but I LOVE surprises! Since it is really hard to surprise myself (my memory is too good) and the hubby has difficulty with ‘spontaneous lingerie buying’ I have considered subscription boxes off and on. However, after this I won’t be ordering one in the near future. I think it is safer to try training my husband more. Maybe give him a lingerie allowance. πŸ˜‰


      1. Miss Mew says:

        I think so! An allowance would be better. I get you on surprises, but it seems like these aren’t great surprises… I can’t believe they gave you four from the same brand. The brown thong seemed like a joke. I do like the teal panties the best, but a super shame that they didn’t even fit you. 😦 Perhaps Pinterest for a lingerie wish list? πŸ˜‰


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