FL*SH you&me Couples Underwear Set Review

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I like gifts. I love giving them and I love receiving them. I believe that gifts should be given on important dates that mark life events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Gifts are mementos of appreciation. They are also a way of showing that you pay attention to and care about the other person when you buy them an appropriate gift.

My anniversary is in July, and this year I decided to go ultra-sappy. I purchased matching underwear for my husband and I from FL*SH you&me on Etsy. I rarely go into any decision lightly, so here are some of the reasons behind my purchase:

For Him:

  1. Comfort is most important for my husband. If it is not comfortable, then he will not wear it. These underwear are made with organic cotton, which should be very soft on his bottom.
  2. The style was perfect as my husband is on the shorter side. The boxer-brief cut allows him to wear these in bed or under clothes with no bunching.
  3. He likes purple.

For Her

  1. Supporting indie designers is very important to me, so Flash was just what I was looking for.
  2. I care about the materials my clothing are made of. I am drawn towards cotton because it is a breathable fabric (great for sleeping in). I am also very pleased with the organic cotton as I am trying to buy organic more often.
  3. The bikini brief style gives full butt coverage.
  4. I like purple and I love dots.
  5. These are priced awesomely reasonable. Regular price feels like a sale.

The Flash you and me underwear came in a recycled box with the most pretty graphic on it. I used the box to bestow the underwear upon my husband (he liked it), and since I have reused the box for mailing items. I hope that box has a very long life!

Packaging aside, the underwear are wonderful. The material is extremely soft and the size – small in men’s, extra-large in women’s – are both a good fit. Frankly, my husband’s pair is absolutely perfect and he couldn’t be happier. While I do get ample butt coverage on mine, they do ride up/in over time due to my over-ample bottom. In addition, I would love to see these in a mid or high-rise version, as the current rise is a bit low on me, sitting under my stomach. The pattern is beautiful: a dark purple with light purple dots. The white piping is a nice accent. Inside, the gusset of the woman’s and the pouch of the man’s underwear are lined in a different colour cotton fabric. It is really soft against your privates but I would have preferred a different pattern/colour. This one reminds me too much of menstrual blood stained underwear. O.o

Overall, the underwear feels extremely well made and they are very comfortable. I worry that the fabric will not stay ‘new’ looking for long as it is already starting to look worn. However, I have worn these for two months now and they are always one of the first pairs in my laundry basket.

Moreover, my husband enjoys us wearing matching underwear so it evoked the desired reaction. I might just buy another pair next year, or even celebrate the dreaded day of red *cough* Valentine’s Day *cough* with a new set.

On a side note: I could do an entire rant about how a women’s extra-large is only 1″ larger than a man’s small… but let’s not go there today. You can see it in one of my pictures below. Also, if you would like to read a kick-ass review of other FLASH products, check out write me bad checks.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Miss Mew says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, darling!

    I’m glad to see a couples review of the underwear set because I haven’t seen a proper review yet. Thank you for sparing me from ordering a set for me and my cat. He appreciates it, too. 😉

    This set looks super soft and cuddly. More cuddly comfy underwear for everyone!


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