EVOLLOVE Bright Flight Bra Review

red 004

EVOLLOVE makes bras for the D – G cup size range. I had never even heard of them before I stepped into my ‘local’ boutique in Victoria, BC on a trip down in the spring. I was not supposed to be buying lingerie, but the bra was on sale and so were the matching underwear so I could not resist.

I purchased the EVOLLOVE Bright Flight bra (red/white) in size 36E with the matching briefs and matching thong in XL. This brand is at a naturally lower price point than what I usually buy, thus this review will take that into account when assessing the materials.

This bra was an impulse buy based on price and on fit. I picked it out of the sales rack somewhat grimacing at the colour. It is not that I hate red… I just don’t fully appreciate it? Damn I dislike the colour – and with white too – wtf is this, Christmas? The pattern is quite pretty though. Pretend you are playing connect the dots and the dots make wing patterns on the bra. I had never heard of the EVOLOVE brand before and the bra was in my size for a bloody cheap price, so I was willing to give it a go.

red 008The fit of the cup was love at first feel. It is the only bra I have ever worn to fully encase my breasts without extra material or empty space. It fit like a boob glove without any additional fiddling around. The result was a beautifully smooth, projected, and decently rounded appearance. The EVOLLOVE bra has no expectations of my upper tissue that I cannot meet. The elastic on the top responds to my breast size to eliminate loose fabric. The wires are incredibly sturdy: these feel like industrial size wires. They are wide and supportive. The straps are in far enough on the bra that they do not dig into my armpits (hallelujah) and are wide enough for comfort.

The cups on the Bright Flight bra are the best fitting cups my breasts have ever been in. The materials used are also very comfortable. While they are not the quality I would prefer, they do not irritate or otherwise annoy my skin whatsoever. They are very soft to the touch and for most women that is what matters in a bra.

The band on this bra runs tight. If you are between sizes or you wear a band size very close to your underbust measurement, you may want to size up in the band. I have not taken the time to break in this bra properly yet as I have been having some reoccurring back pain that makes it nearly impossible to wear a bra for more than a few hours, let alone break in a new one. I am hopeful that I can stretch it out enough to wear it comfortably on a daily basis. As you can see from my photos, it rather digs in to my squishy bits right now.

I bought the matching thong and brief in XL to match the bra. They are made of the same material as the bra’s main fabric. The brief has ruching down the middle of the butt and a keyhole to add a little intrigue. Again, I find the quality of the materials lacking but both pairs are quite soft and a perfect match. They also have ample stretch. At a 46″ hip, I easily fit these and they could probably fit a bit wider as well.

In the end, I am not sure how much wear this bra will actually receive just because of the colour. Isn’t it funny how fussy we humans are over what colours we think look good on our body? I am hoping to conquer my bias against red lingerie enough to inaugurate this set by EVOLLOVE into my daily rotation.

If you are looking to buy EVOLLOVE online, you can find the brand at some of the bigger boutiques like HerRoom. You can also find this specific bra in select sizes on eBay. I found the EVOLLOVE Bright Flight Bra in 32E, 30G, 30DD, 30F, and 30D for sale currently.

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  1. A pity that you don’t like the red; I think it looks great on you! The pattern reminds me of Japanese cottons, too.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thank you! I never thought of the Japanese cottons, that is an interesting observation. 🙂


  2. Emma says:

    Hi Avigayil, I read a number of different lingerie blogs regularly but so rarely comment. I discovered your blog this morning on my way to work (can’t even remember how now – probably a link via facebook methinks) but after having a read of a number of your reviews I just had to write – I think your blog is great! Your reviews are really detailed, and I love the layout/design and the style of images you choose. It really is the most aesthetically pleasing lingerie blog I’ve seen! Plus, you seem to like a lot of similar brands to me (Claudette, Mimi Holliday and Evollove to name a few) which has made reading your reviews particularly interesting. I’ll keep reading through the content over the next few days, but just wanted to say how much I like what I’ve seen so far :-D.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Thanks so much! Your comment really means a lot to me! ❤


  3. Jolly Jack says:

    I wish those were my hands on your waist in that last picture. 😉 Very sexy, as usual. And a great article, too!


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