Malicious Designs Lolita Set Review

malicious designs 007

I am a sucker for polka dots, and there are few cuter than those on the Lolita Cami and Brief Sleeper Set by Malicious Designs. Big red dots on cream coloured cotton with ruffles just screams adorable. I sent the owner my measurements and a few weeks later, my set arrived.

First of all the set is just beautiful. The material is while lightweight and even a little see-through (just a tiny bit) but still feels strong and durable. The cotton is also super soft after just one wash and I have not had problems with any of the seams. I just want to scream and giggle and dance around in circles whenever I put this set on! Has anything cuter been made on the face of this earth? 😀

Fit. Well. It is okay? Allow me to explain (and this is probably my fault). The top fits my breasts and the rest is pretty free flowing so it fits my waist and underbust as well. However, it is quite tight across my overbust region where the overbust hits underneath the armpit. Note to self: 100% cotton has zero give. This is not a problem I have run into before and I think it is due to the style of the camisole. I do not think this result could have been anticipated by either party as who exactly thinks of overbust measurements anyway? The result is the back trim curls up under the stress and, if I wear it for more than a couple hours, the bottom of the armhole leaves an irritated red rub/pressure mark.

In addition, I have gained 1″ in bust girth since I gave the designer my measurements, which I am sure is not helping. <- WHY this problem is probably my fault. I am not worried about this. I plan (and I MEAN IT THIS TIME) to lose 20 – 30 lbs within the next year at which time I expect this to fit like a charm.

The bottoms fit my hips as if they were molded for them. Width-wise they are lovely. Yet, this pair of underwear has finally reaffirmed in my mind that I have to go with higher-rise briefs. These are not particularly low-rise or I don’t think they would be on an average gal. Nevertheless, the only way they cover my entire butt crack is if I adjust them very carefully and stand still while admiring them in the mirror. Not that my husband minds such peeks! I would certainly ask for a custom high-rise panty next time. I adore the little bow on the front of the underwear that matches the cami. In addition, the elastic in the legs and the top is very comfortable with no irritation. There is no need for a cotton gusset because – hey – these are 100% cotton and so breathable your vagina will love you again!

I love wearing the Lolita cami and briefs set around the house and I look forward to when the set fits me perfectly. I feel like an absolute doll in this set and it induces major frolicking with candy and plushies! If you are not familiar with Malicious Designs you must give them a try. Sheana not only makes this adorable set, she also makes cotton summer dress (I want) and other lingerie as well.

P.S. Cotton wrinkles (I don’t mind) and I don’t iron so you get pictures of a wrinkled cotton cami. I am sure you can live with it. 😉

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