Black Milk Artoo Swimsuit Review

Artoo 011

R2-D2 is one of the few characters in every single Star Wars movie, even the bad ones. Thus, it logically follows that he is a very important character. He is also the cutest little thing ever. I love his stubbornness, his little vocalizations, and his loyalty. He is always trying so hard to take care of his friends!

Black Milk did an entire Star Wars line of nylon goodness a while ago. Most of it has hit the museum now (so watch out for museum releases) but you can find some of it on eBay or trade groups. Back in June, before the line was retired, I managed to get my hands on the Artoo swimsuit (original version, not the 2.0). I chose the original version because of the awesome symmetry of the pattern and because it did not have any red on it. Adding the red just threw off the balance of blues and white for me. Ya, I’m weird.

CameraPhone 495Quick rundown on measurements and fit. I run a 45″ hip, 41″ bust, and 33″ waist on a regular day so I ordered the Artoo in a size large. This is the same size I ordered my Cathulu swimsuit in, and for the most part, it is a good fit. My butt fits perfectly well and my waist has plenty of room. The same problems I had with the Cathulu also apply with the Artoo: the swimsuit flattens my chest a bit and my breasts try to escape out the top of the swimsuit if I am doing anything more serious (like lane swimming). FYI: the top picture is without a bra and the picture to the right is with a bra. You can see a major difference in chest projection. This swimsuit was not available in a long torso version, but I had to have it anyway because it is so damn awesome! My current plan is to pick up a white bikini top to wear under the swimsuit to avoid the dreaded nipple show when I emerge from the water.

So far, I have taken this beauty swimming in the ocean, or more like the strait that runs up between Vancouver Island and the mainland of Canada. This, I will probably not do again. I suggest avoiding any area that has a high content of seaweed or algae. I’m not sure which one was responsible, but some bright green-coloured, water-dwelling, plant/organism made its way into my swimsuit through the top (I assume) and decided to colour the inside with a film of light bright green. The friction between my skin and swimsuit was probably a contributing factor. I was horrified! My Eucalan delicate wash (use it for all my Black Milk) took 95% of the green out in a few soaks and gentle hand washes.

The patterning on the Artoo swimsuit is very figure flattering. I generally avoid wearing white outside the house, yet I am not self-conscious at all in this swimsuit. Just from a purely aesthetic point of view, the pattering is gorgeous and sexy as it runs all the way down into the crotch region. Would you like to adjust my vent? šŸ˜‰

Artoo is also the perfect swimsuit for the geeky at heart. The first time I wore my swimsuit out, some person asked, “where is C-3PO?” I was thinking of replying, “What, R2-D2 isn’t good enough for you?” but I often have cheeky thoughts that I don’t dare let come out of my mouth!

Overall: love love love. The only thing that could have made this swimsuit better would have been a long-torso version. I am delighted that Black Milk is now making all their swimsuits in LT versions as well as regular versions. I have recently purchased my third Black Milk swimsuit and this time it is a LT large. I won’t tell you what it is, but here is a hint: it is going to be WONDER-ful! šŸ˜€

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