Kiss Me Deadly Divine Bra Review

kissmedeadly 005

I finally made the splurge and bought myself an 8-strap garter belt. However, this review is not about the garter belt, but rather the bra that I received free with the garter belt. Kiss Me Deadly was giving away some Violet Divine Multiway Bras that were sort of “seconds” because they were not completely happy with the play of the wires. There is absolutely nothing structurally or aesthetically wrong with the bras, just to clarify. Admittedly, I ignored Kiss Me Deadly’s size chart recommendations. For a 33-35″ underbust they say to get a 38″ bra and for a 5″ difference they recommend a DD cup. Well, I have a 36″ underbust (note how I am rather sized out of that chart already) and I bought the 36DD, which is one band size smaller than they recommend for under-busts 1″ smaller than mine. Fortunately, the cup size seemed right on as I have a 5″ difference.

The band is a perfect fit. Seriously. It is as if the bra gods kissed my torso. The mesh on the back is firm but with enough stretch for blissful union. I am wearing the Divine currently on the loosest set of hooks. I love where the band hits me on my body as it is a lot closer to my natural waist (I have a pretty high natural waist), which aids in a visual hourglass because it accentuates a smaller region of my body. kissmeThe only downside is the bottom of the long-line refuses to stay down even though it has a little rubber piece designed to help it do so. It doesn’t ride up, rather my un-toned stomach makes it roll up when I am sitting down. A small annoyance I quickly forget when wearing it.

The Violet Divine cups are a good fit but not perfect as the gore refuses to tack. For a while, I wondered if the bra was a full cup size too small. This may still be the case (though I am voting a half-size too small myself); however, I have found another contributing factor I think has more influence over the cup fit. The gore itself is very wide on this bra, with the two wire channels not even touching. My breast tissue is laid out pretty wide, and while I do not have a great deal of forward projection, I do have breast tissue hanging out most places. Thus, the gore is sitting on top of my breast tissue and not tacking. Despite this, the bra is still very comfortable and offers good lift.

The colour is to. die. for. I LOVE PURPLE and this is just a damn sexy shade of purple! The material on this bra is also heavenly. The satin cups and front are an absolute dream to touch and to feel against my skin. Whatever material they use to pad the cups feels like a cloud is lifting my breasts. Oh, did I mention the shape of the cups? I really must. It is awesome. I really like the way the cups collect and gently project my reluctant breasts. The straps on the bra are wide, which equals comfort in my books, and I am a huge fan of convertible bras. I have already worn this bra three ways (racerback, regular, and halter), because I have different clothing that calls for different configurations. This is a huge plus for me! The divine bra is SUPER COMFORTABLE and that has to be said in capital letters because it is that true. Mega comfortable. Like hello baby my boobs are crazy for you….!  🙂 I really hope they will expand their size range in the future, or at least do bespoke orders as I would like to try the same style with a narrower gore in one cup size bigger. I think it would be kismet.

You have seen the pros and you have seen the cons. For me, bras are all about comfort and this bra has that in spades. It might not be the perfect fit but it looks amazing and it feels good. Thus, during the amazing Hepburn & Leigh sale last month, I picked up two more of these bras (I know, horder!) and a matching pair of Violet Divine Briefs in XL. I only bought one pair of undies because my track record with underwear is very hit and miss.

This time I am only kissing the size chart with Kiss Me Deadly as I have a 45″ hip and the XL is charted up to a 45″ maximum hip. The Divine briefs fit really well and I like that they are not too high. Many high-rise briefs come above my belly button (do not like), but these rest just below it. The mesh on the bottom stretches comfortably and the satin front is as lovely as the bra. They are a perfect match and I wish I had bought more pairs.

This is pretty much the reason I have a moratorium on purchasing more bras right now, because I could now go almost a month without washing bras (and my lazy self just did that – bad me). But with such beauties like this, how is a girl supposed to resist?


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  1. We fixed the gore issue in the proper version. Not sure how it even ended up that wide on those!
    Wireplay is actually a structural issue by the way, it causes problems with support and makes the bra fall apart faster than it should.


    1. Avigayil says:

      Ah! I did not know that it was a structural issue. Thank you! ❤


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