Tutti Rouge Sophia & Liliana Bra Reviews


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Today we have a double-header post because I have two bras from the lovely little bra company Tutti Rouge. This company has been making big waves in the large bust market with their stunning bras – at reasonable prices – and in a plethora of cup sizes. I was attracted to this brand because of their overtly girly designs, the cute heart sliders (OMG to die for!), and overall beautiful designs of their bras that are available in my size.

Tutti Rouge Sophia Underwired Half Padded Balcony Bra in Satin & Tulle (36E)

The Sophia is one lovely bra. The satin is buttery soft with a lovely shine and the accenting ivory lace is just darling with the soft and durable tulle billowing art the top. The real selling point of this bra was the colour, oh my… it is the most stunning shade of mint green. It is so hard to find bras in this colour, yet it is one of my favourites. I adore the aesthetics of this bra to absolutely no end.

Unfortunately, this bra just does not fit well enough to wear on a daily basis. I wear a 36E in most bra brands so I purchased the Sophie in a 36E from Large Cup Lingerie. In my opinion, the band on the Sophie runs large. Most new bras I will wear on the loosest set of hooks whereas this bra I am starting on the tightest set of hooks to achieve the same firmness I am accustomed to. Once on the tightest set of hooks, the band is nice and firm, and stays in place.

The main issue with this bra, for me, is the cups. Surprisingly, the bottom of the cups are a perfect match for the shape of my breasts (that is so very strange) and the sides are also a beautiful fit. The gore tacts, and the wires are a good shape for my breasts. However, the cups rise up too far so I have some empty space before the top of the cup and then the tulle is just hanging out there with no projected breast tissue to give it oomph or shape. As I have little top projection on my breasts, this leaves a lot of fabric with no support. I love this bra, but I am going to find it a new home.

Tutti Rouge Liliana Underwired Half Padded Plunge Bra (36E)

Undaunted by my first Tutti Rouge bra fit experience; I purchased another Tutti Rouge bra from Large Cup Lingerie: this time the Liliana in a 36E. While I have been drifting away from padded bras for some time now, I could not resist that most gorgeous cornflower blue. This is also the first style I ever saw of Tutti Rouge – the first one I ever wanted to try – and I still had a strong longing in my heart for this bra.

The Liliana bra checks off so many boxes for me: keyhole lace, scalloped lace, stunning blue, plunge, and more. I adore the style of the bra and the colour is just amazing. The material on the Liliana feels nice against my skin and, for the most part, the bra is comfortable. There is a tiny rub where the cup meets the shoulder strap – which can be annoying – but I am hoping this goes away after a few washes when the fabric relaxes more. Surprisingly, the padding is minimal so my breasts, when I feel up my own breasts, actually feel like my breasts instead of pillows of fabric. Instead of providing extra oomph, the padding acts as a barrier between my tissue and the outside world. I could see this being a great bra to wear in cold weather if you do not want your nipples exposing their existence to the world.

Fit, ah the wonderful world of fit. I must say that I defied the manufacturer’s advice and did not size up in the cup. Boy, am I glad that I did not because this bra fits very well in the cups. Let’s review my cup shape: high breast root with side heavy breasts and not a great deal of projection to speak of (especially up top). The Liliana speaks my language. It does not demand too much breast projection either on the bottom or on top. The wide wires accommodate my side heavy breasts and the wires do not come up too far, which allows me to wear my bra high enough to have the wires rest at my breast root without them digging into my armpits. I have debated whether the wires are a tad bit too wide, but for me I do not think so. I have a lot of renegade tissue that likes to hang out on the sides, so the wire placement is just about where that tissue ends. I would not mind it being in about a 1/2 inch, but that would be personal preference. Overall, the Lilian works with my natural shape. Thus, this bra does not give me any extra projection either.

While the Lilian is almost perfect (so close!!) it is not quite there. The upper cups feature a beautiful white ribbon that is excessive on my shallow projection. Currently I am pulling the ribbon taunt and tucking the excess into the underside of the lace, but I am considering cutting it out all together or maybe trimming out the excess and trying to glue the ribbon edge back in (I can’t sew). Any thoughts? The only other issue is the band. While not quite as loose as the Sophia, I have started this bra on the second column of hooks and could easily go to tightest if I wanted. Rather than size down in the cup, I might size down in the band the next time I order this bra. While I currently have a moratorium on buying any more bras right now: this bra is on my repurchase list! I am a bit concerned though, as I have heard that Tutti Rouge is making fit changes to the Liliana to make up for issues that people have had with the way the bra fits. I hope that the changes are minor.

A special thank you goes out to Miss Underpinings for writing her fabulous review of the Liliana and Betty a while ago – it was what inspired me to get the Liliana. ❤

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