American Apparel Geo Lace Bodysuit Review


AAbodysuit 005

For my birthday, my husband Daniel bought me this American Apparel Geo Lace bodysuit in a size large. His purchase was guided by a previous trip to Vancouver where I tried on this bodysuit and took selfies in the change-room. I tried the bodysuit on in black during my visit, but Daniel decided to buy me the bodysuit in an unusual colour for me: red. Now, there are a plethora of reasons I do not own a lot of red but I won’t go into them here. It was a gift, and I would be an ass not to be grateful.

The material of the Geo Lace Bodysuit is very soft and super comfortable to wear. I usually find cheaper lace scratchy, but this bodysuit feels very nice against my skin. The material is also super stretchy; fitting around every curve without feeling like it is pulling. I can lounge around in this bodysuit and barely feel its presence upon my body in a good way (until I start getting a wedgie). The stitching on the neckline is very tidy, and though the side seams appear to be a bit bulky, they in no way irritate or annoy me. Floral lace feels dated and overused, which is what attracted me to the Geo lace print in the first place. It feels modern and feminine at the same time.

Oddly enough, I spent a good deal of time wondering if the top was too low cut. This is rarely an issue for me – usually the lower cut the better – but the bodysuit tends to shift places on my body over extended periods of wear. That shift results in the neckline starting lower and then working its way a bit higher while the rear fabric starts by covering my butt and then works its way up into a wedgie. I do not consider this the fault of the bodysuit; rather it is a sizing issue. I should not be wearing a size large; rather I should be in a size extra-large (45″ hips anyone?). However, American Apparel does not make an XL in this bodysuit so I ended up with the largest size they had.

I am happy that American Apparel has extended their size range to include XL in some styles; however, I really hope they make XL sizing a reality for all their clothing: especially their bodysuits. I would also like to see American Apparel carry size XL in store so I could actually try one on instead of just guessing. (P.S. If anyone from American Apparel reads this: please restock the Cotton Spandex Jersey Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Bodysuit – black – in XL or the Nylon Tricot Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Bodysuit – black – in XL. I swear I will buy it ASAP).

American Apparel bodysuits are good options for lingerie buyers on a budget. They are ethically made (in their own factory in the USA). In my experience, they offer sound quality for the price and great designs. They also often have sales or coupon codes you can take advantage of if you are a lingerie lover on a budget. While I would not buy this bodysuit again unless they bring it out in an extra-large, I am still happy with the quality and design. Colour, well, let’s not go there.

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