What Katie Did Antoinette Corset Review


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I count myself among the select number of women who enjoy wearing corsets. I am neither a waist trainer nor a tight-lacer. Rather, I wear corsets for fashion: primarily as part of my formal attire for going to the orchestra, opera, and other such occasions. Thus, all my corsets are worn occasionally. Today I am reviewing my What Katie Did Pleated Antoinette Corset.

Now, let us clarify a few things about my body and corsets. I do not have the optimal body for corsets. Despite having some excess weight, my body is firm and it does not ‘push in’ very easily. Despite my natural hourglass figure, corsets do not give me a huge reduction in inches because of my type of body. In addition, this corset is ‘off the rack’ – not custom made. Given my body’s peculiarities, if I wanted a greater reduction I would need to get a corset custom made.

That being said, here is what the corset does for my figure. I measure 42 – 33 – 45 and I own the Antoinette in a size 28″. With that size, my gap in the back measures:

  • Top: 7/8″
  • Middle: 2″
  • Bottom: 2 1/4″

… after lacing into it for the first time in months, without a readjustment a half hour later.

I think the size 28″ is the perfect size for me currently. I do hope to get back down into a size 26 in the future though.

The What Katie Did Corset is made of the most luxurious materials. I touch the corset and I can barely stop feeling myself up. The satin is buttery soft and the ribbon trim is wide and decadent. The length of the Antoinette is also perfect for my body. I can sit down in this corset without it digging into my thighs. However, my favourite part of this corset is the gored hips: any corset I buy in the future absolutely must have gored hips. They look extraordinary on my figure and really differentiate between my full hips and my smaller waist. The corset is very durable, the material feels thick, and the steel boning really keeps one strait and contained.

Personally, I still have difficulty getting even pressure across my body when lacing down by myself and I often make the mistake of rushing. I can literally get into a corset in five minutes: yet, for my body’s sake I should probably take more time to make sure I tighten the laces evenly for even distribution of pressure.

Now, for the top of the corset. There is a bit of a curve to the front busk for breast support (and room) which does give enough room for my 36E breasts. Yet, it took me a bit to figure out why the top, which appeared to have a decent amount of breast room, was such a poor fit for my breasts. With a high breast root, my breasts were floating above the extra breasts space and threatening to reveal all to the world. The corset fits better and my breasts are more secure since I started tuck my breasts down into the front of the corset. However, I still get some indenting in the fabric beneath where my breasts are because my breast root is too high for this design. Next, the pointed sides on the bust-line can be uncomfortable if I am typing on a keyboard or have my arms more forward because the point rubs up against my armpit. This actually caused me to strip the corset off within five minutes of trying it on for the first time. Over time, I have become more cautious of my position while wearing the corset, so the annoyance is but a small thing now.

Appearance wise, this corset has always been a tossup for me. I love the look of the corset, but on me, it does not seem to especially complement my figure. I dare say it makes my chest and ribcage look broader than they are, and there is no definition between breast and ribcage: it is all one barrel. Whenever an article of clothing makes me look larger than I am (excluding a push-up bra) I always hesitate. I think this is all due to the neckline, which is a neckline I will not repurchase in the future.

Despite the issues with the top part of the corset, I am happy with the quality and design of the What Katie Did Pleated Antoinette Corset. This may not be a good style for my body, but that just means there is another body out there that this corset would look fantastic on. My final thoughts: it is well made, beautiful, and durable.

If you are interested in this corset, you can view it at What Katie Did.

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